Saturday, February 5, 2011

Hawaiian Luau

This is a way overdue entry, in fact I have selected all the pics and edited months ago - those were the days when my camera was not as sophisticated as now thus some pics doesn't turn out as how I would wish it should... WHICH resulted to major editing.

Before I rant on my trip, first I need to thank my dearest good friend Anna for inviting me (FOR FREE! Yup! Rubbing it in to you guys!) to this trip as she won a President Award from her company. At first I wasn't that keen as I just got back from Morocco and Spain, major damage to my wallet and burst my bank account to pieces...sigh...

But Anna was kind AND persistent and I obviously can't say no can't I *wink wink*... So we depart to Hawaii transiting in Taipei via Los Angeles. Oh yah! My condition to Anna is that we have to break our trip in LA as I have NEVER EVER been there before, I mean... I've covered Las Vegas and Orlando (we only transit in LA). So, we had the trip planned for 2 weeks :D

As a GIRL, I WANTED to walk on Rodeo Drive like Julia Robert, glide on Walk of Fame, cruising on Beverly Hill... you know the drill, ehheheh.... and guess what? She agreed, in fact my darling friend detour us in LA and HONOLULU (Oahu) (the event was held in Hyatt Resort Poipo in Kauai [the further north Island of Hawaii]). THANK YOU DEARIE!

I will blog on LA entry in the next post, and keep Hawaii to Hawaii....ehhehe... we didn't do much in Honolulu as it was a transit 3D2N trip but it was good enough.

As much as I wanted to do my normal standard research on my trips, America in general is easy as everything is in English and I kinda familiar and been there before. Besides, we wanted to keep it very much R&R and play it by ears - and YES! We did!

Part of our lazy plan was to go to Factory Outlet (that will be 1 day thingy gone), and Polynesian Culture Center.... to watch the LUAU!! And.... yeah! That's about it... lazy huh! I TOLD YOU SO! Hahhahah....

Before going, I did ask around on what to expect there, I have a couple of friends whom have been there and one or two studied there (can they even concentrate!?!??!). They briefly updated me, and upon landing and going thru 1 day of orienteering.... my view of Honolulu....?

Pretty much like our Redang or perhaps Langkawi island but with ALOT more caucasian and higher rise buildings. Other then that... hemmm.... nothing much, weather the same, I don't surf, that's kinda kill all the fun activities (definitely don't dive, watched to much JAWS movie). And shopping is slightly more expensive then LA as apparently the stuff is shipped from mainland, the freight cost is the killer. Taking all this into consideration, it kinda leave me with almost nothing to do.

After all my mumbo jumbo, the only exciting thing that I did was to visit this Polynesian Culture Centre, and I love it... I love the Luau basically, that's my highlight of the trip. Hahhaha.... Oh yah! Don't forget Mr. Elvis Presly.

I tried googling about this Tree of Forever but failed, so... if any one of you know the story do share PLEASEEEE....

Hope you enjoy the hip move, you know what Shakira says : Hips don't lie!
*wink wink*

Hyperlink credits : Wikipedia, Hyatt, Polynesian Cultural Center


Cawan said...


u never tell us going to HAWAII? OMG!! sob sob..

more story please, more!!

next trip to Papua New Guinea.. jommm...

Lily Riani said...


need zaman dulu ler... 2008 kot... i tak suka sgt hawaii nih. PNG... err. takut! burma laos i ok lagi ehheh...

snowwhite said...

Thank you for your interesting story.
I also googled and looked in Wikipedia for what is "The Tree of Forever", but failed. Curious!!
I had practiced a hula for two years but Polynesian dance is too hard for me!!
I'm waiting for your next one!!!

Pearl Maple said...

looks like a fabulous adventure - one of my favorite places too

Ola said...

I have never seen such a dance life so you are lucky!

Emm said...

Oh wow! A free trip to Hawaii??? Awesome! I would just love to go to a place with nothing to do except lie back and appreciate nature.

That sign is just a silly advertisement for the sustainability project for Forever Living Products, a cheesy natural products wholesaler.

iheartkiwi said...

I am so jealous of your travels!

My aunt lived on Maui for many years... it was always so much fun to visit her.

Lily Riani said...


you can do the hula... WOW~!!!! i am sooo impress.

pearl maple,

really... it was nice but i hope you visit malaysia the island and beaches are nice too.


thanks, i was amazed at the hip.

i heartkiwin,

maui!!! am green with envy for you. i think i should be jealous of you instead.

Emm said...

I was sure that I commented here before! I sent you the links to the company to which the billboards referred!

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