Friday, April 24, 2015

Villa Anggerik Impian Homestay, Banting

I came here a long while ago under Jom Jelajah Koperasi Selangor and I honestly thought I lost all the photos, to my joy, I found it recently.

So, I must, must blog about this place and I hope I do it justice.

Some might noticed that I don’t blog much about where I stay during my travel unless the place is unique and obviously this place is. Definitely (Kak Anash and Kakak Cantek wajib pergi ni…). As I approached the gate I sound rows and rows of orchid plants, in all sort of colours, everywhere. You see, am not like mom, I don’t have the same gift, me no have green finger. And I will forever envious with Mak Cik Tuminan of Villa Anggerik Impian Homestay, Kanchong Darat, all the orchids bloomed beautifully and healthily (kalau I tanam, tak sempat berbunga dah gone!).

I don’t and can’t even describe how excited I was… you know what, apa kata layan jer gambar and gi sendiri. Okay?

(Ah ah, it is a homestay, maknanya memang boleh tingal sini *wink/smile*)

Villa Anggerik Impian Homestay
Lot 757, Jalan Cempaka
Kampung Sungai Lang Baru
Banting 42700
Contact : +603-31878396
Email :

Monday, April 20, 2015

Rockbund Fishing Village, Marina Island

There are a few things that surprise me when we reach Lumut, (i) one was there was a man-made island called Marina Island, (ii) then I found out there is another jetty from Lumut to Pulau Pangkor which only takes 10 min ferry ride and lastly, (iii) there is a fishing chalet that reminded me of Brighton Beach called Rockbund Fishing Village. It shows that I have not been to Lumut nor Pulau Pangkor in the longest time.

I was so impressed with this 21 chalet fishing village with its amazing sunset view from their D'Pine CafĂ©. Less than 10 minutes ride from the city centre or approximately 12km away,  guess can enjoy both Lumut city attractions or Pangkor Island activities if they wish to take a break from fishing. Fret not to those that are not willing to stay “un”connected despite I think you should when you here *cheeky smile*, Rockbund is very generous with their WIFI as it is free access in all the rooms (not sure about the receiving strength though), aside from this, they also provide luggage storage, car park and meeting/teambuilding facilities.

Weekdays : RM230 per night/per chalet with breakfast (4 pax)
Weekends : RM300 per night/per chalet with breakfast (4 pax)

What do I love most?
With just RM90, you can rent a barbecue pit and barbecue your night away by the fishing docks right in front of your chalet. I was basically ogling at it when I was there.
(I did also suggest them to have bike and ATV rent, let’s pray hard on this, suggest jer lah).

You know what? Why not you try it out and share with me your experience instead.
Oh yah! Pancing bawak sendiri tau. *wink*

#DiscoverPerak Media Fam Trip in collaboration with #GayaTravel

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Yasmin At Kong Heng (Yasmin Ahmad Museum)

One of Malaysia notable icon in advertising industry.
Yasmin Ahmad.

Most people are like me, never knew that Yasmin Ahmad Museum existed, let alone in Ipoh. 

Why Ipoh? 
Yasmin's love for Ipoh is well known to many of her fans and followers, it is often Yasmin's location of choice, let it be for films or advertisements. This is probably due to the heritage, scene and the whimsical feel when one is in Ipoh, everything seems to slow down, the past and the future met and blend without dismissing each other's traits and presents.

I learnt Ipoh's beauty from Sepet when Jason fell in love with Orked, followed by Muallaf and Talentine; featuring many of Ipoh's charm. And the rest, is history.

Yasmin at Kong Heng or Yasmin Ahmad Museum is located on the second flood of Old Block Apartments along Jalan Sultan Yussuf in Ipoh, Perak.  

Yasmin' most famous branding (if I may say so myself) is her Petronas advertisement, one that I'll wait with anxiety, every festival, every Merdeka Day; without fail. Her advertisement will either brings me to tears or burst into laughter; full of hope and sincerity, not many match her talent and touch.

Her eyes for details is unrivaled. Focusing on current issues that everyone can relate to, any walk of life. And my all time favourite is Sepet.

True that. 

The beauty of this museum is that the entry is terms of donation with minimum value of RM3; for maintenance costs. Yasmin would love this. I am sure.

A magazine about Yasmin death and her hand written notes.

“Yasmin, How You Know?” is a book compiled by friends and family, a collection of her poetry, thoughts and as well as her last two scripts. Priced at RM35 per copy where the proceed go to Mercy Malaysia; I heard it was Yasmin’s favourite charity.

Thank you Gaya Travel Magazine for introducing me to this beautiful place.*smile*

What's your favourite Yasmin's film/advertisement? 

A #DiscoverPerak Media Fam Trip in collaboration with #GayaTravel

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