Thursday, August 18, 2022

Resort Taman Eko Rimba Komanwel in Rawang, Selangor

Initially I thought this is Templer’s Park being rebrand but NO, I was wrong. It is totally a different place (nearby of course) and much more family-friendly (and Lily-friendly too).

I was totally surprise at first, thinking that it is a camp site area in a ‘jungle’ and to my surprise it is a well equip camp and activity site. This experience was made possible and I owe it to Tourism Selangor when they launch the Resort Taman Eko RImba Komanwel recently.

And you must wonder, what makes this place interesting and different, right?

Designated Glamping Site
There are 3 areas whereby 2 are located by the lake and one is closer to the river (clear running river, worry not. There glamping site has own operator such as Crossover Outdoor and Lubar Camp where you can get hold of and book a tent depending on your crowd. They will prepare and set-up everything for you, you probably need to bring food and knick-knacks jer lah kot.

Build-your-own-tent Site
This one is located by the river itself (more mencabar if you ask me) but safe and convenient enough if you need a toilet of incase of heavy rain (boleh naik atas untuk berteduh).

Forest Cottage
This is a proper accommodation that caters for urban-friendly folks like moi yet nak acah-acah campaign sebab teringin. You will be staying in a comfortable room and can roam around doing outdoor activities within the park.

Little Wood Cottage
Chalet concept ie tiny cabin type of stay, suitable for single of double occupancy, especially those looking for a quick quiet back-to-nature kinda get-away. This is probably good as you won’t be sharing the whole building with strangers.

White Cottage
Ahhhhh… this is the best place to stay. It has 2 rooms and able to fit 6 people comfortably without maximising the sofabed (8 pax if you turn-over the sofa-bed lah). It has its own kitchem, dining area, TV, fully air-conditioned, living hall, veranda, Jacuzzi poll and many more. I personally stayed here and I don’t mind repeating.

Common toilet and shower (for campers)
One word – CLEAN! You don’t have to worry (this is true at the point of writing this blog post tau, lepas-lepas ni wallahualam).

2 cafes where I believe you can ask them to manage your breakfast at a nominal cost. Forest Café has nice nasi lemak and they also have cereal, bread and etc – very very simple breakfast (jangan lah mintak egg benedict bagai pulak).

This one is a great favourite for those that came during the launch and I believe everyone will also enjoy this ride. And yes yes yes, there’s a cost that ties to it.

You can rent a bike and cycling within this area. This is one of the easiest activities if you are here with teenage kids I feel

First time trying this, sumpah I suka giler. For those of you thinking to do this in KL city but find it dangerous then I recommend you to try it here, safer and controlled environment for first timer. You won’t regret it.

Apparently the lake is only knee deep so they say, so fret not guys. You can row and row plus the fact that it is small, the more reason you should not be worrying. Can even try this with you kids.

If you stay here (not available for day-tripper) then you are entitled to register and join the hike. As the hiking area is a private property (if not mistaken) hence public is not allowed thus making the jungle area more pristine.

Camping equipment for rent
You heard me right, alright. If you wanna build your own camp/tent but don’t have the necessary equipment then all you need to do is just rent. Don’t waste money to buy and later have no place to store, or even worst… you gonna use it that one time only. No no… rent is better.

As mentioned earlier there’s 2 cafes inside the park but my advice is to bring your own food/drinks, reason being the main gate closes at 9pm ie no one is allowed to go out nor come it after 9pm. Mati kutu kot nanti.

There is also open spaces for you to conduct activities or telematches as the place is suitable for teambuilding and family day event. Plus the fact that it is near KL (approximately an hour or so) makes it a great place for such event.

Do go and check it out.

Monday, August 15, 2022

Farm Stay & Activities around Bentong, Pahang

For locals and traveller/tourist visiting Malaysia, if you are game in finding our or experiencing farm stay or activities in Malaysia (psst… its only 2 hours from KL), the you’ve come to the right place (read : blog post). I gonna with you my recent experience spending my weekend checking our farm activities and accommodations around Bentong.

1. Bentong Farm

I was informed that they are building a camp site on top of the hill. Not glamping tau, camping minus all the glams staff lah ofcourse. However, I have a feeling it will be super hot… be weary on the weather and have the right expectation if you plan to camp here. Panas lit-lit tauuuuu.

BUUUUUUUUT, their farm animal is the best so far. BEST BEST BEST! This is one place that I highly encourage you to come over the weekend. They have hedgehog… I wanted a pic with it but I am so scared of it quills. Do you know that the hedgehog cannot shoot its quills to defend itself. Then of course I ran towards the llama and alpaca. Both animals are part of the camel family - Camelidae. Llamas are larger than alpaca, and of course Alpacas have cuter with blunt nose. They also brought me to check out a…. WHITE CROW. Apparently, it is an albino crow – very rare indeed.

2. Bilut Hill Resort

Bilut Hill Resort where one need to drive into palm oil plantation and go further uphill (honestly this scares me abit, perhaps because I rarely get to drive up hill up up up kan or maybe because I am gayat too kot). And when you approach the hill, the view was heavenly, they say you get to see carpet of clouds at sunrise… this certain got us excited.

Aside from staying on top of a hill overlooking the plantation field, there are also rabbit petting area as well fruit orchard around the area. It gave the experience of staying above the carpet of clouds where you can also pet some rabbits, pluck some fruits and ride on an ATV. Did I tell you their room is super best?

Well, if you wanna check the room, go to my blog and I wrote the whole story about them HERE.

3. Bidaisari

This place is heavenly. Everything is perfect… this place is suitable for family day, friends get-together, teambuilding, offsite workshop/bootcamp and even wedding. Kid you not! The rooms are all overlooking the plantation, proper toilet/running water, air-conditioned, clean (haruslah kan), siap ada swimming pool lagi.

Open spaces, plenty of rooms, halls. Horse-riding, fir farm (buah tin), deer park and many more. They also have ATV ride and hiking for those that is really into outdoor. Else you can just chill and bask by the pool, cause the weather here is chilly with rays of sun (gitewww).

You can check out my video review HERE.

4. Sempat T-Farm

Have you heard of the ever so famous Bentong ginger (halia Bentong) that is spicy, tasty and smells nice (I memang suka halia), well…. This is the place.

Here at Sempah T-Farm, you can to understand why and what made Bentong Ginger so famous, how to plant and how to care for it. Not only that, they also demonstrate how to make that delicious ginger drink that we often drink after the spa session. I drank 4 glasses hokkay (punya lah sedap).

They also have camp site where need to bring you tent and food, they’ll provide you kitchen and simple breakfast. You will relive your childhood (depending of your age) cause here you can learn those old (plant) games that our parents played when they were young. A 2D1N stay will be perfect here, plus the air is so nice.

That’s all that I managed to cover during my trip in Bentong. So, what are you waiting for… plan a trip to Bentong!

Let’s Go Fruits & Farm Treasure 2022 Media Fam Trip is organized by Tourism Malaysia Wilayah Timur in partnership with all its sponsors.
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Thursday, August 11, 2022

Istana Lemuni, Bentong Gallery & Lurah Bilut Museum – A rare findings

I always thought Bentong is a place where my Chinese friends go eat good food, where cyclists escape the hustle and bustle of Kuala Lumpur and where one stops before heading to Genting (fun for some, sad for the rest [shopping and gambling]). Where I was brought during my 3days 2 nights stay in Bentong certainly caught me of guard (walhal dah bagi itinerary siap-siap, Nampak sangat tak research sungguh-sungguh kannnnn….).

So, let me chare with you my experience visiting these places.

Felda Lurah Bilut Museum

Many might not know that there’s a museum on Lurah Bilut, let alone the museum is under/managed by Felda. Me neither. Felda Lurah Bilut Museum used to be an old office belongs to Felda that was built in 1958 and later was renovated and transform to a museum in 2005.

The museum tells us the history of rubber and palm oil plantation, the birth of it and how the locals back that live, grow and make is what we are today. Aside from this, it also touches on Felda history in general. It showcased the journey of labourers, the tools they used, the house they lived as well as town they grew.

Aside from the above, I personally feel maintenance, up-keeping as well as better curation is much needed. Extensive repair work is required for the betterment of the locals, travellers and Felda as a whole.

Lurah Bilut Museum
Jalan FELDA Lembah Bilut
Lurah Bilut
Bentong, Pahang
Bentong Gallery

This is where I learn about Loke Yew. I for one has been hearing Jalan Loke Yew since forever but I never bothered to google on his contribution to the nation. I’m very sure he did, after there’s a road named after him. And, Bentong Gallery on Jalan Loke in Bentong educated me about him.

Bentong Gallery was a two lot 100-year-old shophouses that was served as Loke Yew’s office. Here, he founded Tong Shoon Company and make thos building his headquarter with aim to develop Bentong. History said that the British invited Loke Yew back in 1897 to grow the tin mining business, of course with the blessing of the DYMM Sultan of Pahang.

We were told that in 2017, the owner of the shophouses we renovated and converted into Bentong Gallery. The main objective is to educate the younger generation on the contributions of Bentong’s forefathers towards the development and growth of this beautiful town.  If you are ever in Bentong and have an hour to spend, do drop by.

Oh yah! They also sell the famous Bentong kicap here. YES! Apparently Bentong is famous for Bentong kicap… I bet ramai tak tau kannnn.

Bentong Gallery
No 17-18, Jalan Loke Yew
Bentong, Pahang
Istana Lemuni

Interesting story on a viraled restaurant.
The pro side : Now that everybody knows, it is full to the brim as many wanted to sample the food, experience the ambience and learn the houses’ architecture.
The con side :  Like I said earlier, it is full to a point that guest are required to make reservation and no walk-ins are allowed.

So, the question is on whether the food is yummeh and what type of food do they serves kan. Basically it is lauk melayu kampung ie the belado, the masak lemak, the nasi lemuni, the kerabu and many more. I was told that during fruit season, you can also enjoy fruits from their orchard.

As for the architecture… I love love love. I don’t even know where to begin, the houses were of Terengganu’s bangsawan of which the owner managed to obtain. The 3 units were meant as a family get-away home however the locals and passer-by were so curious that they kept peeping to want to see more, eventually due to persuasion by friends and acquaintances they purchased 2 more units that is now coverted into a balai for their restaurant.

There’s so much more for me to tell, infact I think Istana Lemuni deserves a blog post on its own. And I will write on it more… but mebbe later.

Istana Lemuni
Lot 9756, Kg Chemperoh
Kampung Janda Baik
Bentong, Pahang

Let’s Go Fruits & Farm Treasure 2022 Media Fam Trip is organized by Tourism Malaysia Wilayah Timur in partnership with all its sponsors.
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