Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Nasi Ambeng - Am'Bng' not Am'bang'

Yeah, of course I have heard of Nasi Ambeng. 
The story that goes with it? 
Learning new things everyday.

Let the lesson begin.

As mentioned in my earlier post here, discussing about Javanese delicacies such as Lemper, Punten, Getok and Ketiwol, I thought I should extend it further and write about Nasi Ambeng as well. As many local would have known, Nasi ambeng (pronounce as ambeng not ambang) is a fragrant rice set consists of white rice prepared with 7 types of side dishes; semur style chicken (or ayam masak kicap), fried sambal with soya bean cake (tempe), fried noddle (mee or bihun goring), salted fish, crackers (rempeyek) and coconut floss, the dishes do varies according to clan or district. Having said that, 5 -7 dishes served with white rice is a pretty common site for the Javanese, what differ it is the taste and style of cooking *wink*. Nasi Ambeng is as popular cuisine for the Javanese-Malay communities in Kuala Selangor, Johor and also in Singapore.  

How to serve Nasi Ambeng.

Originated from Java Island in Indonesia, Nasi Ambeng is usually served during festivities such as weddings, birthdays and thanksgiving (doa selamat), it is presented in a large tray or ‘dulang’ and enjoyed by a group of 4 to 5 people. It signifies unity and togetherness also encourages the act of caring and sharing among family members, friends and fellow villagers. The host wishes for guest wellbeing be blessed and abundance of wealth. Some says that the food is to be divided equally and guest to bring it home and share it with family members.

Nasi Ambeng also promotes fairness and equality hence the sharing in a single ‘dulang’, the locals believe that there should not be any differentiation between status, wealth and power. This is belief is strongly upheld by the Javanese-Malay communities since 1890 – 1900.

Tak menyempat-nyempat, makan kat dapur *cheeky smile*. 

I also heard of this 2 Javanese-Malay cuisine – Nasi Rawon and Nasi Janganan. Hemmm…. Now I am very curious. Should we go food hunting?

Kuala Selangor certainly have a lot of offer.

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Sunday, August 2, 2015

Aishwarya Residency - Where to stay in Mysore, India

Everything you wish not to happen in a trip,
.... happened to me.

My hotel room was canceled on the day I arrived.

The view from my hotel. 

Yes, it was that shocking and scary, first time experiencing this and it have to be in India. A country which I prefer to have a fool proof plan, a plan with multiple back-up plans; Plan A, plan B, plan C…. Plan Z if need be. The problem arises  due to double booking in the system, but the good thing about Booking.com was that they called and proposed a few other hotels, unfortunately for me is that they called me as I touched down in Bangalore enroute to Mysore. Abit too late I guess.

#TravelTips 1 : The phone number key-ed in during booking should be available and switched on when traveling to receive last minutes changes on flight or accommodation booking, and family emergencies.

Having said that (obviously my mood wasn’t that good), the tuk-tuk driver that we took was helpful and helped us search for new hotels and we get to check-out the rooms before committing. I have to admit that despite I was not in good mood and all, the room we got and the hotel we selected was good, in fact better than good; it was great! My Mysore stay was perfect.

#TravelTips 2 : Keep calm and don’t get agitated despite that your mood ruined on the first day. Sometimes the changes is for the best and as for me, it was much better.

#TravelTips 3 : Hunting for hotels or rooms on the spot can be to our advantage, we can check on locality and cleanliness, and make our decision then (konsep redah ni ada bagusnya).

Clean ans spacious. 

Staircase and elevator available. 

#TravelTips 4 : We can try negotiating for better price, rooms or breakfast during our recce.

Roof top dining available.... love this. 

This is the best place at the hotel rooftop, if one plans to stay long in Mysore of which I highly advise you should (the weather here is always cooling and windy, kid you not!), bring a book and just laze here for a day or two.... just lepak and chill. Siap ada hammock hokkay!

The sky is always blue here, clean and clear. the road is safe and halal food is at abundance. Really easy to move around. Mysore is a great place to include on your trip to Southern India.

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A day at Tipu Sultan Fort, Mysore

Aishwarya Residency
2932/A, Off Bangalore-Nilgiri Road
(Behind Kalyan Jewels | Near Suburban Bus stand)
Mysore, India

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Friday, July 31, 2015

What's in my Travel First Aid Kit?

I have received a numbers of enquiries on skin problems that occurs when one is traveling, often due to extreme change of weather, let it be bitter cold winter or prickling hot summer. I too experienced the same when I first start traveling, along the years, after a few trial and error, I find that Bio Oil helps a lot even more so during my travel. Those whom traveled with me will vouch that I am one person who hates dry skin, even back here in Malaysia, I kept a lotion close by; in every handbag, office desk, room and car. Yes, basically it is a need, a necessity, not just a product for my beauty regime (having said that, doubt not, I am pretty much vain, very vain in fact *wink*).

I thought I should share with you my “travel first aid kit” (yeah! it shows how critical it is heh). So, here’s the thing… one always thought that scare removing is its core benefit, aside from removing stretch marks of post pregnancy, wrinkled skin (face and body), dehydrated skin yadda yadda yadda. You see, during my travel, I use it as foundation on my face before applying any moisturizer or make-up, as a lip balm base, on my back (where it easily gets dry, rashes, peeling skin the most during winter) and obviously on my hand and foot (I apply a lot before going to sleep too). I have to say that it eases the “weather transition” when I return home. A definitely win!

Aside from my Bio Oil, you noticed other must-have item such as Counter Paint, Vicks and gastric meds which I carry along almost everywhere. I kid you not when I say these are my “travel first aid kit” pouch, and what’s great is that it is a D.I.Y kit which means you purchase the items you truly need, your must-have item, if tak-ada-you-sure-die-item. 

Oh yah! For those lazy few, travel-light few, simplicity few, aside from the fact that Bio Oil is able to do all of the above, it also acts as hair treatment, soothe sunburns, make-up remover, soften dry cuticle and elbows and also as a pre shave treatment (minimize the dryness and skin irritation). One product fits all kinda thingy.

Bio Oil. Don’t leave home without it *wink*.

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