Sunday, May 23, 2010

I Blog About Travel – Pick Me!

FIRST: Create a new blog entry with title I Blog About Travel – Pick Me!
>>> Done

Answer these simple questions (in English or Malay).

1. Blog Name / URL

>>> Globetrotter …addiction of a travelholic… /

2. When do you start blogging?

>>> May 2009 and counting

3. Introduce yourself and your blog

>>> My profile on my blog (and Facebook) says it all -
I am addicted to traveling. In fact, if there would ever be a Travelholic Anonymous Group, you won't be surprise that I will be the first one to sign up. Err... Nah..... I don't think I'll have the time to attend as I will be busy TRIPPING. Muhahahaa...

>>> As for my blog, it’s all about my traveling experience - in good time or bad time, it‘s highlights and lowlights, the great adventure even our misadventure as I hope it will serves those other travellers as a guide to the world of travelholic.

4. Why do you blog about travel?

>>> All of my friends know my weakness - traveling. In fact, am like their personal travel desk. So, instead of repeating my stories and emailing them the link or showing them the pictures, they encouraged me to start blogging instead (good idea I must say!). Basically, it’s all about my traveling experiences - in good time or bad time, it‘s highlights and lowlights, the great adventure even our few misadventure; as I hope it will serves those other travelers a guide to the world of travelholic.

5. Do you make money with your travel blog?
>>> Err… Not at this point of time. Any suggestions?

6. Why should we pick your travel blog?
>>> Cause....
... traveling is my passion and blogging is my “action”
... in what I care, the best way to share
... of my experience and deepest appreciation of god's greatest creation

Link back to MBP and this contest page.


Contest Page
>>> Done

Include the contest banner in the entry.
>>> Done

FIFTH: Leave the entry URL here at the comment box
>>> Done


sandy said...

I too like to travel, and to blog about it.

Yes, I sometimes make a little cash off my travel blog. Off and on, nothing major.

I like to travel because I like history, I like to see things, learn things. I like to relax, I like pretty things in nature.

I take lots of photo's when we travel and having a travel blog lets me share some of them.


its simple love said...

And what is this? A contest? How fun. You and I have so much in common.


MKL said...

Hey, that's a great post :D I will do this tag, too, but I know I don't stand a chance against you or other travel bloggers. You were my inspiration to blog about travel. Although we have different styles and approaches, I look up to you. So Lily, if you win, I will be happy for you :-)

MKL said...

Good luck to us, Lily Rianu Globetrotter :D

Lily Riani said...


graet to hear that, perhaps i should try to do the same :D
i will drop by your blog and check out.

its simple love,

i thk so too, i should drop by to see you if i ever in USA :D


agree. your blog is one of those i wouldnt one to miss, especially of taiwan as i planning to visit. now you make it seemed as if 5days is not enough. ahhahaa..... 10 days maybe.

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