Friday, August 20, 2010

Lalang Field Broga

My weekend getaway
In a land far far away
On a beautiful Saturday
Where we make our way
To Semenyih where Broga Hill lay
Covered by morning mist and thin sunshine ray

Broga! Oh Broga!
Sweet beautiful Broga

Lalang* field Broga

Everyone wants to experience Broga

They all go goo-goo ga-ga

Over this charming Broga
*lalang = weed

I too wonder why so
For all my friend wants to go

To view magnificent sunrise as beautiful as gold

Regardless with family, friend or even foe

Like never seen sunrise (pulak) before

Bahija was so sweet
Offered us a lovely treat

Telling us where to meet
To ride in her "new" black beauty car... sleak!

Four girls set for an adventure
Embracing the morning chill and mother nature

We thought we were well prepare, yes Sir!

Boy! Are we in for a laughter

6.45am on Saturday morning
Hey Broga! We are comiiiiing

Climbing, climbing and more climbing

Hemm... and here we thought it will be cooling

But instead it was darn hot and tiring...
Girl! Who are we fooling?! ?
We were crawling, cursing, panting and sweating

Oh! Very very THE PENING**
**pening = dizzy

Once we reached, there's no regret
For that's when our first "love" met

The golden sun rise which has lead

It's beaming ray to our eyes to our heart that...
We instantly knew this is the best fact

God's greatest creation - sunrise and of course sunset

I truly felt like Belinda Carlisle
Heaven on Earth - It's definitely no lie
The climb was surely worth one's while
Despite the "near" felt like miles
For it will end with a big huge SMILE

Us, and Broga
Forever and ever
And ever.


fufu said...

oh my broga!!! cant wait to explore malaysia more when i am back next year... hohoho :) can actually or i dont mind going there several times because i like hiking xD

Bananazą®‡ said...

Oh lala lovely Broga nice sunrise great snap shots..nice poem too..tQ

Bahija said...

eh, your photos nampak more cantik leh :) ....

Arti said...

Great pics.. Throughly enjoyed the trip!

Kasia_B said...

Thank you for your comment! You should come back dear ;) I used to live in Morocco, but now Im just visiting from time to time.


lamia said...

thanks sweety for all your comment!!! this was Kenzi Menara Palace at Marrakesh...nice place...

love this post're really lucky to visit such nice places...

98762 said...

Love the pictures!
where is that?

Lily Riani said...


we must go again but this timke much earlier apparently the lights are nice too.


thank you! thank you! thank you! :D


terima kasih... kereta you pun cantek! ;)


thank you for your lovely comment.

kasia b,

perhaps you shou;d tell me when you are going then i fly there to meet you :D


i went to one that is similar, palmarie golf. great thaht you like the photos :D


it's a hill of weeds, veyr popular for the sunrise view. thanks for dropping by my blog :)

98762 said...

Yes im from Casablanca, and you?

FM Radio Streaming said...

Lily Riani...Indonesian...?

FM Radio Streaming said...

Lily Riani...From Indonesia..?

Lily Riani said...


am from malaysia. been here before?

FM Radio Streaming,

Am Malaysia, maternal grandparents form indonesia. my full name sounded more indonesia then one stated here... ehhehe...

Liudmila said...

The second photo is simply splendid, Lily!

What it means, you finished to fast and, purifyed and illuminated, fly to the tops of the hills, mountains and poesy?

sandy said...

Awesome photo's, can't believe how many people were there at the same time; that's wild.

Tekkaus said...

If only I have the chance to go to Broga. :p

Rafael Lam said...

Awesome sunrise! I think that's a big surprise when you see it! Great activity!

Lily Riani said...


i guess you got it! :D


they were there as early as 530am, believe me in malaysia, 5.30am is total pitch darkness.


go! but now with little cute baby.. hemm... baby when baby a bit older? :D

thanks for dropping my blog.


yes. absolutely love it. thanks for dropping by.

Biqque said...

my opismate (mostly chinese) ramai pegi sini...i teringin gak, tapiiiiiii i takut pacat! so kensel la....

Emm said...

Gosh, it looks incredible there!! I would certainly like to visit one day. I'm so glad we met up in the Blogosphere and I look forward to seeing more Malaysia posts!

Lily Riani said...


no pacat lar... must go! but stamina kena ada babe!


thank you! i was tiring but worth it. am posting more on penang.

Wenny Yap said...

Beautiful shots! This Saturday I'm going Apek Hill. Next Broga, here I come!

Rafael Lam said...

Re: Thanks Lily Riani,
The Canon 550D is easy to use, light, is good for beginner user!
You can buy the DSLR body and buy the Tamron A16 17-50mm F2.8 or Sigma 18-50mm F2.8 Macro for the frist lens!
Both have great performance for landscape and portraiture shooting, with reasonable price!

Lily Riani said...


great, am scouting for one to inprove my photography skill. i'll wait for year end promo and my next trip. good justification to buy new cam ;)

thanks for the tip!

Danny said...

I am really impressed with your trip management skills that how we can make more interesting, fun and rejoicing so that it could be proved great worth for tour.
thanks for sharing some cool photos of interesting moments.

Lily Riani said...


thanks for you comment, do drop by my blog often :D

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