Saturday, March 19, 2011

Tokyo DisneySEA

Day 2 (4 March 2011). DisneySEA... by the SEA.

Been quiet for awhile as I was traveling and busy with work when I got back.

Well, hope I can pick up the momentum to blog... especially after what happen to Japan, I kinda feel sad, it is such a LOVELY country, full of culture and POLITE people. I can't brag enough about Japan.

Anyway, since we might not be able to travel to Japan so soon in near future, I should blog about all my experience of this wonderful country.

I touched down around 9ish at night on March 3 (Thursday), nothing much can happen at that hour since we headed straight to our hotel, well.... kinda.... We got lost as we came up from the underground train station. Foreign land/foreign language symptom which normally clears on the 2nd or by the 3rd day. Well.... kinda - for us at least.

First DESTINATION on day 2 - DisneySEA. OK! Here's the thing, there are about FOUR (4) Disneys in the world Paris Disneyland, Anaheim Disneyland, Hong Kong Disneyland & Tokyo Disneyland. And ONE (1) DisneyWORLD in Orlando and ONE (1) DisneySEA in Tokyo. Sooo.... yeah right! I choose DisneySEA of cause (been to all except Tokyo Disneyland & Anaheim's).

I have done my "research" (as usual) and asked around (as usual). I kinda know what to expect or at least I thought I know what to expect (yeah LILY! Haven't you learnt anything!?).

The concept was Mediterranean with a touch of American beach front, what you can expect to see...

The Spanish Gaudi

The Venice canals

Moroccan architecture

And the Cape Cod breeze.

What I first learnt (and mind you, IT'S EVERYWHERE [not just Disneys] even PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION AREA)... is that the...

...superb toilet. Yup! YOU HEARD ME ALRIGHT! The T.O.I.L.E.T!

1. There's bidet for "SMALL BUSINESS"
2. There's spray for "BIG BUSINESS"
3. There's water pressure to control the bidet or spray
4. There's FLUSHING SOUND to MUFFLE the toilet sound (ie loud poo drops)
5. There's DEODORANT to... well you know...

And it's SUPERBLY CLEAN, no water marks nor stain. To a point you would WIPE it after use (fearing you might upset the person after you).... REALLY! Kid you not!

Then, there's child seat for todds while mummy doing her potties. Chawana sure would LOVE this.

There are more to come, but for now...


More pics in my facebook here.

Hyperlink credits : Tokyo Disneyland Resort


Rob and Mandy said...

Love the bit about 'FLUSHING SOUND to MUFFLE the toilet sound'... Should be an universal feature!
Glad you're safely back.

Liudmila said...

I was really upset about the tragedy that happend in Japan. All the videos we see here in the TV news. But your passionate (about the toilet specially :-))) story adds much more sad thoughts: the persons that are usual to live in such conditions have to feel the distruction of everything in their lives much more worse than one that has nothing -or nothing special, I think...

Life Ramblings said...

it's sad what's been happening in Japan. There is so much devastation that it's hard to imagine where they will start to fix things.

looks like a wonderful tour and LOL at the toilet business. I've heard about this toilet thing from Lina too.

Lara @ Uproad said...

a wonderful post, and I am also sure the people of Japan will start reconstruction soon!

Lily Riani said...

Rob and Mandy,

i was sooo super duper impress.


it was sad what happened to them but i know if one nation can rebuild themselve it will japan.

Life Ramblings,

i feel for them but i know they will bounce back before you knew it. that much faith i have.

Lara @ Uproad,

am very very sure.

Martina said...

Lily, OMG, i was so glad to hear you got out of Japan in time - you're guardian angel cares for you! Such a huge catastrophe - i so hope it doesn't get any worse! The world is a madhouse right now - look at this new war in Lybia. Disneyland seems like just the place to take a break from it all. Lovely pix, so bright and cheerful! Take care Lily - and have a happy sunday!

Kasia said...

Lily, I'm so jealous! I wanna go to Japan so badly and thier Disneyland looks so fabulous. I've been to Disneyland in Paris and in LA, so I need to go to one in Tokyo as well :D Great pictures!

When it comes to your question on my blog, I have Bobbi Brown concealer and I totally don't recommend it. It's sticky and it doesnt stay on for a long time. My bestie has their gel eyeliner and she loves it. I think that gel liner is really worth buying/trying. Muah ;)

Biqque said...

ya, Chawana sure love it lah! :D

(imagine, aqilah watching her mommy poopoo...hahaha!)

drollgirl said...

welcome back, and it is nice to see a bit about your trip!

drollgirl said...

glad you escaped the heartbreaking disaster(s) in japan.

Miles Of Style said...

oh my gawd! i'd seriously kill to have a toilet like that at my office!!

im so glad you're back from Japan safe and sound sweetie...hugss

J_on_tour@jayzspaze said...

I'm not quite sure what to say here as my mind is full of different emotions. Even though this post is about Japan, it looks as if Hong Kong has served you well. Glad to hear that you are back safe. My thoughts and prayers with the Japanese people at this time.

Lovely pictures. A snapshot of the world in a park... It is more poignant to see places before it was affected. I'm sure the people will overcome this major setback.

Amazing toilet, the symbols say it all for me, it's like a car wash with a grandstand view for the children !

dager said...

Thanks for the wonderful card of Japan! I'm so relieved to read that you are fine... Groetjes!!!

Bananazą®‡ said...

Likey the Spanish Gaudi..tQ

Roslyn Kong said...

Wow please elaborate more on DisneySea! Enjoying reading it :D I'm going to Tokyo this coming July and will spend 4 days in Disneyland + DisneySea! Can't wait for it!

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