Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Eating Sago/Mulong Worm in Sarawak - #KCC1M

I was having an enjoyable stroll in Sibu Central Market with Ruby of during Kembara Cuti-Cuti Malaysia ( #KCC1M  ) Fam Trip while trying to complete my mission; to get Bario black and red rice and probably try their local delicacies (read HERE). After covering most of the dry goods area (and after proudly purchasing my Bario rice), we decided to head towards the native market section which to my surprise it is no different from what the local is selling. Was wondering why the segmentation as I feel it's unnecessary but of course there were a few authentic looking local fruits and veges sold at this section and perhaps some handy crafts as well, so told myself "oklah... kira aci".

As I happily walking and capturing the local scene, something caught my eyes, I stop to take a look at this weird small looking white fruits (or maybe veges) that seems to wiggle, like ALL of them!!! Hemm... fruits/veges that wiggle (interesting heh), I went closer to snap a few shots and then I realised - SAGO WORM! And the obvious happen, girl jumping out of her skin + shrieking + trembling, and I bet the locals were laughing and enjoying themselves at my comical act (Yah, I do like to make people laugh unknowingly. Hobby I call them).

I realised Ed Junaidi was there touching that fat-wiggly-moving-creature, innocently he ask whether I want to touch it (like "yah hah" I gonna touch it, duh! [eyes-rolling]). I said "NO", big-huge-flat NO! But I told him I wanna keek him with the worm and he obliged. So, check out the keek...

More info on Sago work HERE. Oh yah, you can eat it alive (you heard me alright) or cook it and it's yummeh, so they say.

A #KCC1M - #Sarawak Media Fam Trip in collaboration with #GayaTravel.


Unknown said...

My favourite! Taste just like chicken. I fooled a friend from Semenanjung before. Dah habis makan baru bagitau, its the sago worm. Straight away makan sumpah seranah but she admit though it tasted like chicken.

p/s I used to like to eat it alive but bila dah besar ni, mengada macam geli2. Haha.

Fiey said...

ewwwwww..glup. telan air liur jap!

Lily Riani said...

bibie karim,

i takut ok... geli sbb tuh gambar vid keek tuh blur sbb rasa nak pecut 400m seminit gitus.


kan kan kan.... heheheheh

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