Monday, January 6, 2014

Teaser | Fort Cochin, Kerala - God's Own Country

Sharing one of my favourite place in Kerala - Fort Cochin.

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Teaser | Boathouse at Alleppey/Kerala Backwaters 

I am participating in Kerala Blog Express contest and would appreciate your kind time to vote for me. Your vote is very much appreciated.

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Unknown said...

dah vote..tombol pintu tu standard saiz sama cam malaysia ke? heheh

DJ said...

nice...teringin nak ke Kerala...tapi sehingga kini belum dapat tiket dan masa yang sesuai lg...hehehe

Anonymous said...

Love this...Great shot of the Chinese Fishing Net Lily....did you get to watch the Kathakali performance while in Fort Kochi?

Anonymous said...

Already voted...Cheers

Jeff Chuah said...

Wow, you opened an inn in Kerala?

Ren said...

Wow langsir baru!

Lily Riani said...


thanks. tombol tuh skru je so I rasa boleh guna. btw, chiang lagi murah :)


giiiii gi gi gi... I suka.


nope, didn't cover any cultural show, next kot :(

thanks for the vote

Lily Riani said...


orang open for me, I also terkejut. ahhahahha


untunglah kan kan kan heheheh

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