Saturday, November 22, 2014

Slope Go-Kart, Lazer Tag & Rock Climbing in Gold Coast, Australia

Finally we had some time-out for physical team building activity here in Gold Coast, after reccee-ing a few locations, we nailed down to this one which provides 3-in-1 activities - Lazer Tag, Indoor Go-Kart & Rock Climbing. They also have a few play-areas for super young kids, I guess it is pretty much a family hang-out area, even the go-kart are not as fast or as racing type as those we have in Malaysia. But one thing I like is their track... continue reading if you want to know more *wink*.


Main activities.


They also cater for corporate event, team building, parties etc. I think, we should have one in Malaysia; seriously. Or maybe I open one, herm.......

Registration counter.

Lounge, cheering or boo-ing area.

The kart! 

This was the key attraction for me - the slope, I have arranged and rode on a few go-kart arena around Malaysia but yet to find one with a slope hence this excites me alot. Like really alot.

Small kan.

Even the helmets look cool huh.

Hygiene. Important.

Wondering what are my team doing?

Safety briefing. 

Anyway, we did 14 laps and it ends when the first place driver complete the 14th lap. Certificate will be given out and it is base on best lap time. And guess what placing did I get?

Jeng jeng jeng...

I should get 2nd place but since they cound by best lap time, I got 3rd lor. Oh well... I did have fun and yes, I love the slope. One thing I realised, I got slightly dizzy as we have to do 14 laps altogether. Hahhahhahaa....

Upstairs lounge for functions. 

Kiddy play area. 


Opening time.

Game Over
Address : 88-108 Siganto Drive Helensvale QLD
Tel : (07) 5519 3999 

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