Thursday, October 29, 2015

Halloween Fam Trip in Sungei Wang Plaza!

Being a curious cat, that makes me participate in this Halloween Fam Trip organized by Sungei Wang Plaza.

Despite that I didn’t manage to attend the whole session, that 1 hour spent was sufficient for me to wonder and wander and share some feedbacks to them. I personally think it’s a great idea and good move to keep the mall alive and provides new activities and feel to the consumer/public.

I was swarmed with curiosity, ideas and assumptions on how a Halloween Fam Trip would be like, it being ran by Sungei Wang Plaza marketing team and conducted in the mall itself alraeady spark interest and enquiries among my friends. To feed their curiosity with absolute answer, I attended to see it for myself. 2 things I thought was interesting are (1) the concept itself of which can be tighten and (2) a visit to SNIPS College of Creative Arts (I will do a separate entry on this as I personally think it is too inspiring to merge it in this entry. It deserve a standalone coverage).

Warm greetings and excited voices in the air in U-Café where we had our Halloween lunch; carrying the theme to the dot, U-Café kick-started our visit at the right tone. Lunch was indeed special as pumpkin fried rice was served in pumpkin jack itself. One that everyone can relate too, fried rice and Jack-o'-lantern. We were later brought into our mysterious journey… No. There weren’t any haunted corners in here, at least not that I know of. Ahaks.

We were taken to participating outlets, which is… Tattoo shops! One that never (and Islam forbid) has any permanent tattoo in her life, I became the nosy lot here. Asking 1001 questions, how long will it last, how long does it take? Do you design it yourself? Can we bring our own design? How much is it, is it depending on size and colour? All this was answer by them. Diligently. Then there was an air-brush tattoo which can last for a week and nicer in appearance (for ladies will love this). Same question was posted, and satisfying answer received. Psst… it’s cheaper too *wink*.

Mr. DIY was a surprise as they conducted a game for us with winning prices. I’m glad it was a find-the-item game and not paint your face as ghostly and ghastly as possible (phew… wipe forehead). Interestingly, I find this game enlighten me on what is available in Mr. DIY where I have always assume that it is a handyman shop. They have almost everything here except food and while searching and finding the item, I began to wish it was my shopping time. I guess Mr. DIY isn’t that bad after all.

We adjourn to SCCA or SNIPS College of Creative Arts of which I plan to write a full article, it is definitely inspiring. Promise.

So, stay tune guys and keep your eyes glued here.

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