Friday, December 11, 2015

My Air Asia Experience

And this is MY story... I normally don't have a habit of taking airline photos, let it be their meal, wing tip, livery, crew or etc. Perhaps it is too mainstream to my taste (poyo giler), but I have to give credit to Air Asia this time around, for this few reasons :

i). They started their journey with few 'rangkap of pantun', that I personally think it is the best Malaysia touch ever. Not only I was tickled by it, I was impressed and amazed of the idea (wish it was mine!). Great job to whoever suggested/wrote/excuted it. Clap clap clap... ii). The livery on the flight I took was a nice and soft touch of Malaysia unity, coupled with the pantun = perfect combination. You got my attention alrighty!

iii). I was on board with a group of locals (Makassarese) heading to Jeddah via Air Asia (all the way, transiting in KLIA) to perform their umrah. The look on their face; having to be able to visit Tanah Suci Mekkah was priceless. Fulfillment. Satisfaction. Blessed. I pray for their safe trip to/fro, their prayers be heard/answered and may their umrah be blessed. Ameen.

iv). Love the pilot narrating the flight through-out (or should I say tour-guiding us through-out); briefing us on the timing, routes, below attractions and meal, with cheeky jokes here and there, ending it with a nasihat/pantun orang tua-tua. Keeping the journey alive, and me fully entertained.

v). How can I Ieave out the ever so friendly eye-candy cabin crew in this flight. The crew entertained a group of locals (makciks-pakciks) to a few wefies (note the word : FEW). Never tired of taking orders cum wefie-ing with the passengers. They made the makciks' day definitely, I bet the makciks and pakciks will remember this holiday for the next one year (or more).

Kudos to Captain Shahar and all AK333 crew! Keep up the good work!

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NEKCIK said...

WHatever people says..I still love Air Asia..and so far I have been flying more than 30 times over 30 destinations which I most probably cannot afford to go with my family and friends with other airlines...I always feel at home flying with the always smiling cabin crew!!!

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