Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Sijangkang | Selangor's Natural and Intangible Wonders

Promise you, this will be a short entry as I am very much speechless when I visited this beautiful and astounding place. And still am, as I write this piece. Nothing changed. Nothing will change my view of this place.


Cost approximately RM1mil plus a lot of hardwork and what us Malaysia call ‘semangat bergotong-royong’, the community of Sijangkang recycled this piece of empty mangrove land to an attraction for both locals and outsiders. Determine to make SIjangkang a popular and a go-to destination, the locals self-funded this project and built a 1km mangrove boardwalk with the intention of further expansion. Hoping to turn this site into a family oriented hang-out, a nature extreme park, a place for nature-lover to enjoy the wonderful wildness and for the historical buff to explore the history of Sijangkang and its first ‘benteng tali air’ of which they are proud of. There is an activity for everybody.

Mangrove boardwalk. Sounded easy and simple right.
As I walk, I was in awe of the execution and their attention to detail, the local team even placed a description of the plant in order to educate the younger generation of our nature, inclusive of Sijangjang tree. Yes….. Sijangkang is a tree.

Along the boardwalk are huts/gazebo for one to rest or have a picnic break. During high tide, one can even take a board ride…. Hemmmmm (I would love this). Aside from the boardwalk, they also build a jamboree site or camp ground together with barbeque pit. A playground, picnic spot, public toilet, solate place, small warung that sells evening food (kuih-muih) and etc. Very thorough right? I told you that it is very well thought through. ‘Impressive’ is an understatement.

Not to worry, as of my trip there, the boardwalk is free or perhaps by now it would cost RM2-5 of which I feel everyone will and can easily oblige. I do encourage for us to donate, to encourage and support their effort.

When asked ‘Who built this boardwalk? Who is the contractor?
The answer was “Kita. Orang kampong, secara bergotong-royong. Yang ada kudrat, sedekah kudrat, yang ada duit, sedekah duit. Dan yang mampu bagi bahan, kita dapat bahan”. He answered proudly.

I too was proud when I heard this.
Makes me feel blessed being a Selangorian.

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