Monday, October 10, 2016

The Fishy Story of Salmon and Whale (and Herring too) of Ryekjavik, Iceland

Mind the shaky photos.
I was fishy on the fishes’ intention.

(Stare suspiciously)

As many might know (or don’t), I just came back from a long 16 days trip (kinda long if you have day/pay job). As I scroll my trip album, trying to pick and strategise on whether to post what inspired me the most, or which touches me the most, or perhaps do the normal way ie by day or even by destination. After pondering for awhile (bear in mind that am yet to complete India post and perhaps a few other tiny post (The craftsmanship of a Lion Dance and The Story Behind Kampung Baru), I decided that I write best and fast when the topic touches the very heart and soul of me (drama giler). So goes…. The Fishy Story of Salmon and Whale (and Herring too) of Ryekjavik, Iceland.

The plan is to have a fancy (basically it is a non-self-cook-meal that we usually have in order to save money) meal at every city or country we visit. The idea was good until we found out the cost of having a so called fancy meal in Scandi, mahai ya’mat. Plan terkubur makanya. So we tweaked the plan a little, we will (must) have a meal in Iceland and it MUST be fish centric, salmon specifically as we both love salmon. So we did just that. We had a seafood buffet in Ryekjavik. The start of our fishy story.Hem……

Started with Anna wanting to take a full day Golden Circle Package that I forego as I feel that the Golden Circle trip should be done in a spread of 1 week or so and for me, it must be a self-drive (kengkonon adventurous giteww). Claiming and vowing ‘I WILL BE BACK’ to Anna, I embark on city exploration on foot, on my own for the whole day. We went out separate way. As time running short, Anna did what she do best, asking tips from the operator on where best to experience local cuisine and we were advised to head to Restaurant Ryekjavik in the city / near Harpa. A yellow colour barn like restaurant that has a wide spread of seafood buffet among others. Upon scanning the menus and price, we agreed to splurge here (since we did not in Copenhagen). I guess why not kan.

With Anna’s loyal Google Map and Waze, we walked from Harpa bus stop to the restaurant, a short and quick 10 mins walk. But of course we took 30mins to 45mins as we stop at every souvenir shop we see (souvenir sini mahal giler-giler ok so jangan lah mengharap). We found the shop and start enquiry at the counter, the options was kinda interesting. Well, you have whole buffet course, the main course without dessert and etc. So we made a wise choice of having on the main course (partly because we are kedekut. Ahaks). Without further ado, I hearby present what we saw, and ate…. (picture heavy).

No, there weren’t any pork dish served at the buffet (at least not when I was there), I saw only chicken and lamb, and apparently the lamb dish in Iceland is to die for. I wouldn’t know as I did not try any.

One of the key reason on why we agreed to this resto was that it also serves whale meat. I guess it kinda narrow our options, reasons and excuses pretty fast and easy. *wink*

All I can say is, I have never sampled so many type of salmon dish in one meal in my life before. It was a fish overload day / week for us.

So, should I recommend this to you or/and should you give it a try?

A definite yes.

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