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Tasik Raban of Lenggong Valley

Remember the Petronas Raya advert, the one with the kids that went out to buy beef and got a cow instead. This is where they shot the scene lah - at Tasik Raban.

It is like a dream came true. A simple word informing us that we will be taking a boat ride in Tasik Raban was welcomed with joyous and enthusiastic ‘Yeay’ (with claps and leap). Kiasu being my middle name, I round up s gang (ada gang hokkay) of 8 to fit into the boat, just so that we can get the first boat. As the first boat has the best view with no other boats blocking us (kiasu me remember?!), and as planned, we were the first boat where by majority are influencers. My plan worked.

For a person who loves rides, let it be train, boat, rickshaw, plane and etc, I truly enjoyed this 1 hour trip around Tasik Raban. Despite the fact that we took the boat at around 10ish (rather hot to be on a boat ride) but since Tasik Raban is located at Lenggong Valley; surrounded by Bukit Sapi, Ulu Malau and Bukit Kempas, it was still rather chilly for 10am. 

Nothing fancy with the boat ride, but I have to admit, the serenity, calmness and beauty will mum and numb you for awhile. Absorbing god greatest gift to mankind, its wondrous nature is a bless.

#TravelTips 1 : You can hop on the boat from Dataran Tasik Raban, there’s a proper jetty situated there.

#TravelTips 2 : Bring you sunglasses, hats/caps, wear your sunblocks and bring a bottle of water as one can easily get dehydrated.

The whole ride took approximately 40 mins or so, or perhaps longer as we requested for the boatman to slow down at some places for photo opp moment. It passed by a few places such as Kg. Cherakoh,  Kg Kelantan, Kg Beng where the famous Petronas Raya advertisemet was shot, Kg. Durau and Suka-Suka Chalet amongst others. Will share more on Suka-Suka Chalet soon.

Don’t be dishearten if you think there’s not many activities for you to discover, in fact, you’ll be impress on the things for you to see and do that you might just crave for more.

Perak Man was discovered within Gua Gunung Runtuh cave. Perak Man is South-East Asia’s oldest most complete human skeleton. It is radiocarbon dated to 10,120 BP and identified as Australomelanesoid, a hominid type occupying the western part of the Indonesia archipelago and continental South-East Asia at the end of the Pleistocene and early Holocene.

Yup. It is in Lenggong, of course you can’t visit the cave itself BUT you can drop by the gallery nearby to learn more on Perak Man.

Around 74,000 thousand years ago a colossal eruption from volcanic Lake Toba in northern Sumatra, Indonesia, plunged the earth into darkness and spread a vast dust cloud throughout the region as far as the Indian Ocean. The Lenggong Valley region was inundated with the ash, later called white sand or rock by the local inhabitants. Areas from sea level to 72 meters above were overwhelmed.

The ash was found in several other locations as far afield as the Perak River, West Pahang, Selangor, and Kedah. In 2007, a mapping survey by University Science Malaysia revealed that the ash had spread over 70km2 to a depth 7-10 meters.

The Bukit Bunuh BBH 2007 site, in addition, bears the geological scars of a meteorite impact which has been dated to 1.83 million years ago by fission-track technique. The site is strewn with impact breccias such as suevite and other impactites.

Aside from this, you can try their famous delicacy - Ikan Pekasam or “fermented sour fish” - It is usually made from freshwater fish, and the main source of carbohydrate for the fermentation process is ground roasted rice. Before fridge was invented, food tends to get rotten real quick thus back in the olden days, the locals has develop a way to preserve their food especially fish and meat (click HERE and HERE to know more).

#TarvelTips 3 : It cost RM10 for 3 fresh water fish, it is sold in a packet.

#TravelTips 4 : A three to four days stay in Tasik Raban, away from hustle and bustle of the city would not only provide one with a sense of rejuvenation (with the help of mother nature) but gain some knowledge of our local history and heritage that we can be proud of.

Below are a few options if you plan to stay within Tasik Raban vicinity, do give them a call as the price might have changed from the date this article was written.

The Lenggong Rest House
Located in Lenggong Town at Jalan Alang Iskandar.
Rates start from RM80-RM200.
Contact: 605-7678 702 / 6019-5793 414

Tasik Raban Resort
Located along the Kulala Kangsar – Grik trunk road on the banks of Tasik Raban about 12 km from Lenggong Town.
Rates start from RM80-RM250.
Contact: 605-7512 799 / 6019-5763 414

Well, my dream is to experience a night at Kampung Beng Homestay in Tasik Raban. Well, next time I guess.

An event organised by Tourism Malaysia with KTMB as main transportation partner.

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