Thursday, August 31, 2017

Heritage Inspired | Confidence Has No Competition


Confidence Has No Competition.
This is what I felt  when I first met Hanisah Izzat from Sungai Buloh, the owner of HERITAGE INSPIRED. There isn’t much to shout out about her, except that she is a Primary School Science Teacher that has a passion on craft. The beauty about her is that her curiosity on dinner clutch bag drove her in learning to make one, from… you guessed it. Youtube.

If curiosity killed the cat, and Hanisah slayed it. On point. *wink*
Not only she is a self-taught in making a clutch bag maker, she decided that since she is good at it, why not go one step further by adding Malaysia element in this new hobby/craft of hers. Ie. our own culture. Our heritage. Our songket!

Started by ‘hijacking’ her father’s songket samping, followed by her mom’s beautiful batik and all, she perfected the art of songket/batik clutch bag. And there is no turning back ever since, nothing can stop this beautiful young lady, and guess what, she also does embroidery bags and looking at running classes for clutch-making.

When asked where did she source all her clutch frames (after all, we already knew how she got her materials *cheeky smile*), she said mostly via online and Singapore, as well as China. The next question was whether she plans to do it in a larger volume and expand her territory (in terms of market), well, she is pretty contented with her craft and the small scale output. This was she it is more personalized and rare as you won’t get 2 of the same. I kinda agree with this statement.

I guess this goes beyond aspiration, beyond empowering youth and woman, its sheer determination, turning passion into business while upholding our heritage values. She is a great role model to her students and us alike.

The world is her oyster and she embracing it gracefully, clutching a songket purse.

Kembara Kraf Selangor 2017 Fam Trip is in collaboration with UPENS (Unit Perancangan Negeri Selangor) and all its sponsors with #GayaTravel as media coordinator.

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