Monday, November 20, 2017

Toy Museum | The Shore Melaka

Toy Museum…
I don’t know what to expect. I know I absolutely love cartoon (after all, I insisted my sis to subscript Cartoon Network for me [not for my nieces and nephews]) and I hope I will like it here.
Guess what?
I love it!

Guess the movie?

‘Finally I found a blogger that know and appreciate the Toy Museum. And she’s a girl’ Sham mentioned. I burst out laughing claiming I love cartoons.
‘Hahhahhahaa…. Oh my goodness!!! They have Beast Wars!!!!’ Sham puzzled., probably wondering what was I excited about.
Before he could grasp what I was excited about….

‘They have all the Iron Man, Where’s my Mark I….’ I ran running looking it.
‘Doing videos and taking tone of photos, I need to make my brother jealous. Hahhahaaa….’ Gleaming. I told Sham that I must share this with my brothers as they are Transformer, Iron Man and Star Wars freak. I mean not crazy freak but… yeah! They know the movies, book, background, the strength and whatnot. Freak lah basically…. And I suspected, both my brothers start asking where this please is? (Probably thinking this was a video in one of my overseas’ trip… macam lah Malaysia pun takde. Duh! – I said to myself).

To upset my brother. Hahahhahaaa....

Confirm dia nak beli gak.

If you think the excitement ends here, nooooo…..  the minute I posted the Ultraman section, my cousin said ‘Abul is going to demand for me to take him here… dia suka giler Ultraman, Uni!’. What else can I say…. ‘Datanglah. Uni dah macam budak kecik lari-lari excited tak tentu pasal’. To annoy my cousin further, I took videos and more Ultraman photos. Yup! It upsets the son much. Hahhahahhaaa…. Told them let’s to a family day in Melaka together with my brother’s family, the more the merrier.

I gather that the toys a actually the owner’s personal collection and he decided to share his collection with the public and figurine enthusiasts. I guess he must have love cartoon characters a lot as this place is huge… from Star Wars to Transformer, from Snow White to Hello Kitty, nothing was missed out. Well, at least for me that is.

Am I cute or am I cute? So ask the Ultraman.

So, for those with kids visiting Melaka, they probably are not that thrill with Stadhuys and Jonker Walk and all (nama pun budak-budak kan), take them to the Toy Museum at The Shore Melaka, I bet they’ll have a blast. You know what they say ‘Happy kids, happier mommy/daddy’. Apa tunggu lagi, Jom Melaka! Dekat ajer pun’.  Wink.

Ni lah Beast Wars, Sham. 

Toy Museum - The Shore Melaka
Level 1, The Shore Shopping Gallery
193, Pinggiran @ Sungai Melaka
Jalan Persisiran Bunga Raya
75100 Melaka

Opening hours
Time : 10:30 am to 9:00 pm daily (last admission 8pm)

Entrance Fee
Adult - RM30.00
Children - RM20.00

Website :

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