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Kanawa Island and Taka Makassar | Where Time Stood Still

I was told that during this LOB trip, we will be visiting a few islands around Flores and that there will snorkeling and trekking, aside from eating, sleeping and ‘bahan’-ing. Keh keh keh…

This is what I come to realized during this trip,  as most of the islands are not fully develop thus the beach and sea condition are amazing - clean with crystal clear water. Of course we sound some stray rubbish by the beach, but what I was made to understand that depending on the wind blow ie west/east as well as monsoon, rubbish from other bigger islands will be washed to these little islands.

Kanawa Island
Out first stop was at Kanawa Island. I have to say that never have I seen so many quaint and serene islands before in my life until I visit Flores (well, except Komodo Island because there are dragons there kan). Kanawa Island represents tranquility with its white sandy beach, crystal clear water and let's not forget the panoramic view.

Located slightly an hour from Labuan Bajo, you can actually take a speed boat and do a day trip to Kanawa, but for us, we engaged with Be Borneo Tour for our 3d2n LOB trip that covers a few major and significant islands.

Most travelers either come hear for snorkeling or diving enroute to Rinca or/and Komodo Island, the other activities that are rather popular for travelers are trekking and catching the sunset.

#TravelTips for Kanawa Island :
Travel Tips 1 : The best period to visit is from April to December.
Travel Tips 2 : Rainy season is from January to March.
Travel Tips 3 : Suitable for snorkeling as the water is very calm.

Travel Tips 4 : The boat ride takes approximately 1.5 hour from Labuan Bajo if you are not doing LOB that is.
Travel Tips 5 : Kanawa Island is a cash-only island so do bring enough to pay for accommodation, food, and etc.
Travel Tips 6 : There are minimal/no internet or phone connectivity.

Makassar Reef
Our next stop was at Makassar Reef or in local language Karang Makassar/Taka Makassar whereby it is also known as Manta Point (well, it is very near Manta Point), as you've guessed it, this is where you can see mantas gliding away gracefully and peacefully, reason being as the reef is situated between the islands of Komodo and Tatawa, the strong currents that rush through a narrow strait attracts the mantas.

I guess the question would be whether did we see any mantas?
And the answer is yes, we saw them… from the boat. You can snorkel and swim with them if you are lucky enough. It is also said that if you are super duper lucky (note the emphasis on ‘super duper’), you might get to experience swiming with more than 10 mantas. Kalau nasib baik lah kan. Kalau…

So, what is Karang Makassar?
Well, Karang Makassar itself is a sandbed island and you can easily swim around this island as it is rather shallow (jangan lah gi swim di tengah lautan pulak).

#TravelTips for Makassar Reef :
Travel Tips 1 : It is said to be a smaller than a football field, so do take a walk.
Travel Tips 2 : There is no trees, hut or anything (smaller than football field remember!), so do prepare yourself for a few mins of nothingness and embrace the sea. Gitewww…
Travel Tips 3 : Try snorkeling around this area just don’t go to far out, it is still in the middle of the sea after all.

Travel Tips 4 : Great place for photo session due to the white sandy beach and crystal clear water (but then again, this is Flroes, almost everywhere is this beautiful).
Travel Tips 5 : We rented a few floats (flamingo, pineapple, unicorn etc from @floatsewa (instagram) for fun photo session, oh what fun we had. You can try this too *wink*.
Travel Tips 6 : Boat can’t dock here, be prepare to swim over or pray hard they have a smaller boat/kayak to take you over. Ours was kayak *cheeky smile*.

Other than that, we had tremendous fun at both the islands, each with different feel and experience, and should not be missed when visiting Flores.

Next entry will be on Gili Lawa Darat and Pink Beach.

This trip is in collaboration with Ayuh Pelesiran and Be Borneo Tour. #AyoPelesiranXBeBorneo

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