Monday, April 23, 2018

Captain Tsubasa at Larkin Stadium

Johorean and their football team. Berpisah tiada.

Am not a football lover, heard of those few football team, both local and international but yeah… I only know the game as few men chasing one ball all over he field. And followed by ‘Goaaaaalllll’, or yellow/red card, and perhaps few ‘booooos’. That’s about it.

As for our local team, I head a few and I guess everyone have heard JDT team. One of the most passionate and dedicated team (and supporter) of the lot (well, maybe there are a few other clubs as well, but one that stick on my mind would be JDT lah). I guess I was a little smitten upon arriving ‘their’ stadium in Larkin, for those ignorant as I am, it is the Tan Sri Dato' Haji Hassan Yunos Stadium, also simply known as Larkin Stadium, is a multi-purpose stadium situated in Larkin, Johor Bahru. It was rather overwhelming despite I was stadium outside the stadium, we its Johor blue and red emblozone across the wall…. Dwarfed by their spirit I must say.

The southern tigers have a lot to thank for, their fans for one, their spirit and passion, their support from the Crown Prince of Johor and of course friends and families, all play a role to get to where they are now. One that I would like to highlight would be the football gallery funded by Japan Football Association (JFA), interested ain’t it.

I bet one will wonder why JFA is funding the JDT Football Gallery?
To understand and relate to this initiative, one has to go back to 1998. Simply put, Larkin Stadium is considered as ‘keramat’ or sacred to the Japanese as it the place that marked their eligibility to participate in FIFA World Cup.

Koichi Hiroi; JJFA founder is the key person in creating and ensuring the gallery dream materialized, he also carries out football coaching clinics conducted by Jo Shoji, the person who scored the memorable goal which took Japan to France in 1998.

The gallery also displayed Captain Tsubasa from a football manga character original artwork as well as his Tsubasa 10 souvenirs are being sold at the gallery. A remarkable midfielder football player dreaming of winning the FIFA World Cup for Japan. He is known for his football jersey #10.

I guess the Japanese too are proud with Johor’s Larkin Stadium. Another reason for us Malaysian to be proud of huh!

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