Saturday, February 8, 2020

Quinton Group and Malaysia Tourism Council MOU

Held in MATIC Jalan Ampang in recently was the MOU signing ceremony event between Quinton Group and Malaysia Tourism Council on collaboration in tourism marketing and development activities, program, content material and event among others. This is to further help boost Malaysia tourism industry. This is important for all tourism industry player as it provides business cooperation analytical frameworks, contributes to field of management and marketing of tourism business and destinations, and to explore on tourism activities implementation, adoption and management.

Like any other industry, tourism is going through a digital age, more and more are browsing travel websites and social media platforms for them to get hold of the needed information; from selective whether to go, booking and to 360 view of their destination. Digital tourism shares recommendations from both mobile and desktop devices. All at the tip of the finger.

With online purchase being the latest trend now, it comes as no surprise when Quinton Group introduced to us their latest apps namely Quinpay for payment and reward, Quin Pavillion for shopping and Quinksent on logistic. This fast growing internet platform has approximately 80,000 users nationwide and 7,000 merchants throughout Malaysia. The aim is to embrace and move towards a cashless society via reward points, cashback, utility bill payment and etc.

Quinton is set to empower Malaysia with the help of technology.

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