Monday, August 3, 2020

HL Dragon Fruit Eco Farm, Sepang


I want to go! I want to go!
Raising my hand high up when I knew that the fam trip will be to Banghuris.Simply because I want to check out the bamboo groove lah. But then I saw something interesting, dragon fruit farm. Hemmm…. The fam trip is getting even more interesting now.

I mean, I’ve seen the dragon fruit before, despite the fact that it is not up close and personal but jadi lah kan. Idok ler blur tak tau how the tree looks like. But to go to the farm with them dreadlock leaves, how cool will that be kan. BUT guess what, I was in for a big surprise for I did not only learn about the tree, I also learn about the fruit by-product. Interesting huh!??! Continue reading tau…. Don’t stop (sambil adjusting my glasses).
I have videos in my Instagram explaining about the tree, you just click and swipe yah.
Before I proceed explaining on the fruit, we first need to learn about the tree and flowers and leaf cos this tree is complicated much. Tsk tsk tsk…

Leaf (or is it a branch? Confuse jugak ni, hemmm…) that grows root, you can actually cuts the leaf/branch and plant it root downward ie. into the soil. A new tree will come to life (ta daaa…). Each leaf/branch has spines, and flowers few from these spines. You must be wondering what is the different between a thorn and a spine right, well thorns develop from shoot, whereas spines are from the leaf.
The flowers will bloom for one night and once it withers, fruit will begin to form.
Here’s a question, jeng jeng jeng… How do tell the different between a white-flesh and red-flesh Dragon Fruit? Round = Red-flesh and Oval = White-flesh. There is also yellow dragon fruit, if you are wondering what colour is the flesh, well... it's white.

You can learn all about dragon fruit at HL Dragon Fruit Eco Farm, a good place for kids (and adult) to learn about this unique fruit. It is the first dragon fruit ecotourism farm as well as the first dragon fruit themed restaurant. Here at HL Dragon Fruit Eco Farm one will get to experience planting dragon fruit tree, plucking fresh dragon fruit and hands-on farming activities. Aside from this, one also get to try dragon fruit themed food and drinks such as juices, smoothies and tea. As for food, the café is pretty creative as you can sample Jumbo Dragon Bun which is a local flavour curry chicken wrapped with dragon fruit bread, dragon fruit rice, salad, mashed potatoes with dragon fruit gravy, prawn serves with dragon fruit sauce and many more.


You need to come here to experience it all!
HL Dragon Fruit Eco Farm
Lot 7608, Jalan Besar Batu Satu
Sepang, Selangor

Kitakan Sekampung Fam Trip is in collaboration with UPENS (Unit Perancangan Negeri Selangor), Tourism Selangor and all its sponsors with #GayaTravel as media coordinator.

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