Monday, September 21, 2020

Menggagau ikan keli di bendang (Catfish catching with bare hand in paddy field)

I have seen this activity so so many times, but nothing could prepare me for this.
Super fun, super funny, with super-duper sporting folks.
When Della said jump, they’ll ask how high?
When Della said sing, they say ‘how many songs?’ #eh
When Della said catch the catfish in the muddy paddy filed with your bare hands, the ask how many?
YUP! Sporting media folks this time around.
I have nothing but respect. Respect. Respect.

One of the many activities we did here is ‘menggagau ikan’, literally translated as ‘to catch the catfish in the muddy paddy filed with your bare hands’… I kid you not. This is not a joke.
So what else that is not a joke? The fish. Cos it’s a catfish!
For those lot that don’t know what catfish is (ikan keli for us Malaysians), below is a snippet on catfish :
The spines contained in the dorsal and pectoral fin contain a venom that causes edema (swelling) and a hemolytic (causes increased blood flow in the area of the injury) if these spines puncture the skin.
Or what we’d say ‘ikan keli ni boleh ‘sengat’, nanti sakit.’ (Taken from :

I’ve guessed as much that under female category, Ayue will win tanpa bertanding when it comes to tangkap anak ikan #eh. Hahhahahhaha… Joke aside, this girl got some guts hokkay. I traveled with her before, I know her drive and motivation. As predicted, she won! Caught 6 catfishes.
Before I go on sharing on how the male faired. I am indebted to mankind in telling some interesting characters that I’ve observed.
The ‘tuh-tuh and nih nih’ gagau-er
There are 2 that were caught on my phone. All they did was pointing finger on where they ‘think’ the fishes are while yelling ‘tuh tuh and nih nih’ (while taking 1-2 step back from the fishes).

The photo-opp with fish that is caught by me gagau-er
There’s one (on my Instagram video, click HERE to view), someone presented (sedekah) the fish for this person to ‘catch’ it and have a ‘Hey! I caught an ikan keli’ moment photo-opp. (Petai tembikai lah ni)
The I must WIN even though I’ve won earlier gagau-er
The type that was declared the winner 30 mins ago but then organizer decided to extended 1 more ekor to break the non-existent tie. He then jumped back in and caught the next winning fish, and the decides yet again to extended 1 more ekor. He gagau-ed a total of 8 catfishes altogether.
The all-scream-but no-fish-caught gagau-er

Need I say more?!?

Click HERE for more videos

The if-I-can’t-beat-them-I-join-them gagau-er

One decides to be the catfish instead. Well played young man, well played (rubbing jambang yang tak wujud).
The pretend to be the photographer so that tak payah gagau ikan gagau-er

I lah tuh. But I blog, post on Instagram and stories, as well as Twitter tau… Kira macam over deliver giler kan kan kan.
The worked so hard yet did not catch any fish gagau-er
I don’t know what to say lah… kira gagal with flying colours gitew. But effort counts.

The city-boys/girls that can turn padang and get dirrrrty gagau-er
Kudos to all of you. Attitude WIN!
For those wondering, this is one of the activities that is being offered if you choose to stay with the locals (homestay package). You’ll get to experience the kampung lifestyle in Sabah Bernam; a 2 hours drive or so from Kuala Lumpur, try your hand at planting/harvesting the paddy (depending on the season you are visiting), sample fresh seafood dishes, scarecrow making, local delicacies cooking demo and many more. If you don’t know where to go or what to do, I highly recommend kampung stay (kampung = village) as one of your options. I bet you are gonna like it.


Kita Ke Kampung Volume 2 Media Fam Trip 202 is in collaboration with Unit Perancang Ekonomi Negeri (UPEN) Selangor and all its sponsors with #GayaTravel Magazine as media coordinator.

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