Monday, August 31, 2009

Magical Labyrinth of Marrakech

day THREE (Sept’07). New day, new adventure.

When we booked at Riad 34, it stated that it comes with breakfast and since we were fasting we thought it will be such a waste. But to our surprise, the homekeeper offered to cook us sahur instead - YEAY! He said that sahur will be ready around 4:30am, we lock our alarm at 4am just incase we need time to wake up… :-P at wee hour of 4:30am, he tapped softly on our door (we were shocked, wake-up call - too good to be true). We answered and informed him that we need a few minutes to change, he said ok. As we opened the room door and look down from the balcony, to our amazement, he actually layout proper setting for us (at 4am in the morning!!!). Talk about personalized service….. Definitely top notch!

As we about to leave our Riad for our city tour with our new found friend, we were very worried, how in the world are we going to get back to the main entrance. I have seen in in Amazing Race whereby the contestant got lost in this labyrinths, we were worried it’ll happen to us, I mean; all does look the same (now I know how they got lost, can't blame them. Really). No marker, nor landmark, nor direction! But we smart gurls manage to find the way out safely. HAH!

First stop was at Koutubia Mosque which I thought similar to the one I have seen in New Delhi’s - Qutb Minar. We did abit of reading, in order to grasp everything slightly faster (and to look more knowledgeable - not that we're being judge here [kiasu]). Anyway, the name is derived from the Arabic al-Koutoubiyyin for librarian, since it used to be surrounded by sellers of manuscripts. We walked the courtyard for pics of the ruins.

Next he took us out of the city, and on the way we passed by a park called Marriage Park, we asked him to stop for some pics (nothing much to shout about, didn't see anyone getting married either). Continued the drive and noticed a place called Hammam soon after, not knowing what it is; we enquired (I AM abit kepoh [talkative]). It’s actually an Arabic word for "bath", specifically a Turkish bath (heated from underneath). Hemm.... perhaps I should try this one of these days... heard Bangsar Village II have one. A little bit of pampering will do me good.

Our dear tour guide of the day is excited to show us a high-end golf club house, as we passed by this so called "small desert”, we saw CAMEL owned by the Berber (all of them [ANYWHERE & EVERYWHERE] tend to dress in blue. Why neh?). STOP!!!! We must ride the camel, MUST! MUST! MUST! Hehehe….. And ride we took, a wobbly one I must say. My butt hurts but fun nevertheless.

Finally, we reached Palmaraie Golf Palace. It is GOURGEOUS, now I know why he was soooo excited to show us. It have Moorish design & décor the way I like it ie colorful and vibrant!

We also got the “permission” to check-out the “yet-to-be-open” coffee house facing the golf course. Heavenly, love the wood carving, the tiles, lamps, ceiling… We went crazy snapping pictures of this lovely place. Am pretty sure it’s the pride of Marrakech.

As it is fasting month, we decided not to be too ambitious and adventurous as we can tire ourselves easily (yeah right!). We arrived at Djemaa el Fna and walked around the souks before heading back to our Riad. It’s a fairly short walk thus we took our time at the souks for souvenir shopping. We want to make sure we have the best deal ofcos - shoe string budget maaa… ;P

Djemaa el Fna, sigh…. A sight to behold, you can’t find a second. After surveying for while, narrowing down on some item, KIV the other half, we then plan to go full force shopping the next day instead before heading to Tangier. Yup! This is where they shot Bourne Ultimatum.

Tomorrow, a new Marrakech experience (will I get information overload!? Heehehhe...).

Credits : Wikipedia

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