Monday, August 24, 2009

Hello Kitty meowing in Lion City

Somehow, I have always been fascinated with Chinese culture, perhaps the fact that my parents send me to Chinese school since the age of 6ix.

Gotten to know about this lantern showcase 3-4 years back from Maimon; a dear friend of mine in Singapore. Was ecstatic the first time I saw these colourful lanterns and still do. You shall soon see why.

Every year in September during the Mid-Autumn Festival also know as Mooncake Festival, Singapore will hold a lantern fest (or should I say “show” instead?) in Chinese garden, and almost EVERY YEAR I will attempt to make myself available to visit this place. Sometimes, I do wonder what makes me like it so so so much, I mean… it’s ONLY a bunch of lanterns, placed at corners of the gardens, with lights around it (!?!). Strangely enough, the colours, the lights and the mood make me feel very very very (did I stress the “VERY” enough?!?!hemm…) HAPPY! Yup! I AM YOUNG at HEART. No different from last year, despite that it is fasting month in September’08 (same goes this year’09), I still went ahead (no wild horses can drag me away! No way!).

Grace will be the one prompting me on this event (the same person who will remind me when I should start puasa, and update me when Raya will be – Chinese calendar has proven to be more accurate on the “anak bulan”/full moon).

We started our 3D2N journey early in the morning, as usual we take the

Aeroline Bus, we paid RM160(I think) in return of land steward, meal, drinks, blanket, pillow, personal on demand movie and most importantly the comfort and treatment of a luxury 6 star coach (NO! Am not being paid to write all these – darn!). Reached Harbour Front around noon, took MRT to Keranji, then a bus to JB. Yeah! We stayed in JB for 1 night. I’ll tell you why later…

We checked in, dumped our bags and out to Singapore we go (again). The immigration did give us a “why are you coming in again, you just left Singapore not ½ hour ago” look. Our answer = JB cheaper to stay….muahahhah…. (with muka sardine look). We went to our favourite place – Borders Bookshop on Orchard Road, took a stroll, window shopping while waiting for the lantern show to start. Oh yah! They start operating at 7pm at dusk till 10pm at night. I bought some bread and a bottle of drink for “buka puasa” (break fast) which is around 7:25pm.

At about 6:30pm, with our kiasu spirit, we took the MRT to Chinese Garden (station stop by the same name). And ofcos we reached way too early (7pm), they allowed us to enter BUT the lantern lights were still “off”. Sigh…. So much for our Kiasuism.

Alas 7:30pm, lights all “ON” and I BEGIN to much my “juadah berbuka” while walking towards the Chinese theme. The pics were easier to take as there were still some natural lights that I can capitalize.

They even make water lanterns, well… basically floating lanterns, really pretty. It’s all Hello Kitty and Friends, Kerokeropi, Mashimaro, My Melody etc. To think I still remembered all this characters name. Hehhehee….. I did tell you I’m young at heart. I told you soooo :D

The entrance was solely dedicated to Hello Kitty lanterns. The school kids and all Hello Kitty fan (trust me there’s a lot of them out there, adults as well) went crazy snapping pics. Me included.

My next trip, perhaps Sanrio Puroland, Japan?

This is the best part that I mentioned earlier in this entry on why I choose to stay in JB (aside from the fact that it is cheaper lar). This is how it started, ever since I was young, my parents always take us kids to Singapore either by flight or car. I always tell myself, I want to “WALK” on Causeway. Exactly! You read it right, on foot on Causeway! Hence, I “persuaded” Grace that we should walk on Causeway at least ONCE in our life (next task – Penang Bridge). She said sure, a very loooong sure (even though I know she gave me that “not again” look). So, walk we did.

To prove we did walk on causeway, I even took a pic of the
border – Malaysia/Singapore (I seriously didn’t know this existed till the day I walk on Causeway :P ) Hhehhee… kiasu!

Hemm… which border should I try next?

Credits : Wikipedia, Borders, Urbanrail, Aeroline, Hubpages

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