Friday, December 4, 2009

Hei Bale Bale! Hei!

Am in dilemma… I went to Bali 3 times last year alone and am just not sure which trip should I blog about… ofcos; 2 out of 3 are on business trip lar…. Yeah! Yeah! Am soooo lucky to have/need to “work” in Bali, heard it a couple of times, BUT the thing is, it’s WORK! I mean, even if you are in Hawaii sekali pun, but if it’s on business trip, it WON’T be fun! TRUST ME! Sigh… Anyway, it’s only for 4 days - each trip, nothing great! Not as if I get to spend a month there right?! *hint* *hint* (boss MIGHT just be reading my blog, you’ll never know, hehehee….).

OK! Back to my problem(s), the thing is that all the pics from the 3 trips are nice (to me at least – yeah! Aside from being a drama queen, I too can be pretty vain [perasan max!!!] – I believed it’s the whole package thingy lar). Then ofcos, there’s the other problem, I have 18 days more to my year-end trip, I can’t be blogging those trips that take more then 5 days – don’t think will be able to complete it on time. After all, I NEED to take into consideration that I wish to blog “daily” in Hong Kong & Macau (there you go! DRAMA QUEEN again!). Hahhaa……


Day 1 (22 Aug 2008). Spa hunting and Bali Hai.

This is one of those weird trip, reason being that I have this silly “fantastic” idea > hotel hopping - by DAILY! YUP! You heard me alright, ...I did say WEIRD trip didn’t I!

First hotel – Le Meridien Tanah Lot – the name sells and tells it all. The differentiators would be :
(1) next to THE Tanah Lot
(2) Over looking the sea AND THE Tanah Lot

(3) Beautiful golf course by the sea [No! I don’t play golf, but it IS a sight to behold]

(4) Paddy fields and

(5) 3 swimming pools at least

We got our darling supirPak Dewa to take and show us around Bali – he is GOOD ie capital G.O.O.D!

Strangely and weirdly, we did not check out Tanah Lot (I have been here 3 times, but not Andrea and my sis). Thus, I have to include few of my earlier trip to Tanah Lot pics as a “replacement” – CHEATING abit lar… There’s a reason behind it I suppose, we checked out at 9am since we have much to cover (you heard me right! 9am MORNING). Oh! By the way, Tanah Lot is BEST visited at sunset. The Tanah Lot temple was built and has been a part of Balinese mythology for centuries. The temple is one of seven sea temples around the Balinese coast. Each of the sea temples were established within eyesight of the next to form a chain along the south-western coast.

We gotten Pak Dewa to drove us to nearby Melasti Seafood Restaurant, the ambience was al-fresco PERFECTO! The wind, breeze, view, Tanah Lot, paddy field, the whole deal lar… unfortunately, as I said; we were way tooo early (what were we thinking huh!). Next on our agenda…heeheheh, girls would LOVE this; SPA HUNT! Most of the high end spa are spa located in Seminyak.

(1) Semaya Luxury Beachfront Villas. It’s…. AWESOME! The cost of a room or should I say VILLA is USD 420.00 – we left the place IMMEDIATELY! Hehehheee… MAHAL!
(2) Villa Jerami – slightly humble spa versus the 2 I mentioned but equivalently good. And yeah! They have villas too. They even have coffee and strawberry scrub!

(3) Praha Spa At The Villas – this is abit…hemm… weird as it offers a spa package with the setting of Rajasthan-Moghul-Kashmir ambient…kinda hard to place the concept, but OVERALL, it’s a killer!

Done with the spa, next would be our LUNCH (hungwyyy) and off we go to the popular (I think) KETUPAT Restaurant. Love the place, love the food, love the location, so far; they haven’t failed me… YET.

After that we did a little bit of jalan-jalan before heading to Bali Hai cruise. Oh yah! This cruise DOES NOT take you to the sea ie middle of the ocean, just at the river mouth / delta for sunset view, they also provides show and live band and ofcos dinner.

Later that night, we hop to our next backpacker guesthouse in UBUD.

Hai Bali! What do you have instore for us tomorrow?

Credits : Wikipedia, Tanah, The Villas, Villa Jerami, Bali trips, Bali Hai Cruises


MKL said...

Lily, you are very funny :P I never been to Bali, so you are very lucky :) I love your pics and the last one is my fav, because I love sunsets :)

Lily Riani said...

Hahhaha.... thanks. Heard that alot from friends and colleague AND family members. You must go okay! a few places I can recommend you for great sunset view, one of it will be at uluwatu while watching the tranditional performance of kecak dance - that is to die for! should be on the next post.

And if you like sunset, i have one in diff environment in ayuthayya - all at temples site (you can check my previous post) or sunrise in borobudur (my even older post).

PS : love ur blog too, been reading it alot.

Liudmila said...

Splendid photos and incredible places! Oh I say it to you too: you are a fortunate to have this possibility! Maybe you have only "devide" the time of trips for work: this is time for work and now all thoughts about work aside, I think only about this beauty!

Lily Riani said...

Thanks Liudmila... beauty is beauty whenever, wherever.... I guess I am fortunate.

Shingo T said...

Even though working overseas isn't exactly like pure vacation, but hey, it's better than being deskbound in the office every day. ^_^

Nice Bali pics as always, Lily!

manglish said...

3 times in a year.......u really love Bali ya hahahhaa

Lily Riani said...

singo T, that i have to agree... but msia to bali hardly called a sea, more like a "strait" ehheheh.... but it was fun though; that i have to admit. i did manage to extend and tried new things (sea walking & traditional dance by the cliff) of which i will post soon.

have you been to bali? its a unique culture only to balinese.

Lily Riani said...


yeah. it was for work... most unfortunately. seriously, i have been to bali before this ie 4 years ago. hence by end last year, i have been to bali 4 times in my live. i wouldnt say i love bali that much but i enjoy the culture and the long over due break. been there before?

Paul said...

fulamak... u went to bali 3 times ledi? really like bali alot is it?
btw, there really a good place to go... XD i love it so much too!! i miss the scene there!! it's awesome!! hehe..

Lily Riani said...

paul, i so-so only with bali, free trip go lar right... ehhehehe.... wouldn't you?

if i ever go again, i would wnat to visit the komodo dragon island and lavina to see dolphin.

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