Thursday, December 3, 2009


Heaven on EARTH!

Island… or Sand….?

OK. OK. OK. Since I have been bragging and asking around both in my blog and facebook, I thought I have better update this especially since dearest Lih Bin approved of me using his pic. At first I’ve asked him whether is this SWV resort as in my earlier blog (A beach you'll never REGRET) but apparently it is not; it’s another island (or sand) next to Mabul called Kapalai.

Since am not a diver (thus missing all this lovely places), I thought I just post out the pics and links AND details for all. These pics will speaks for itself.

From Sabah Tourism :

Kapalai island – The mere name conjures the image of crystal clear waters and a floating paradise like no other. A 45-minute trip from Semporna by speedboat, Kapalai island is one of the many beautiful diving havens in this part of the world. However, Kapalai is truly unique because it is not quite an ‘island’. The island of Kapalai, just 15 minutes off Sipadan, was a beautiful island two hundred years ago, but now it is only a sand bar. Erosion has reduced the island to sea level and the village now sits on the edge of the extensive Ligitan Reefs.

The 40 chalets are built on high wooden stilts in the middle of the ocean. Visitors can enjoy the sights of marine life in action as they stroll along the boardwalk, a sturdy construction that connects the various sections of the floating resort. The resort chalets are equipped with basic amenities, including tea and coffee making facilities.

You will never have to gripe about having a less than desirable view: you have a breathtaking view of the Celebes Sea no matter where you turn! The restaurant is a wooden deck, where diners can eat indoors or al fresco. There’s even a viewing area in the middle of the restaurant which allows you to see the myriad of marine life passing below.

The sundeck, a popular favourite, is a great place to enjoy your novel, work on a tan or indulge in an afternoon siesta. The Dive Centre provides diving, snorkelling and kayaking gear for rent. Can’t dive but would love to? No problem! The centre offers a variety of PADI courses, including Open Water and Introduction to Night Diving. After enjoying your underwater paradise, explore other facilities offered by the resort including the souvenir shop, games room and broadband access.

The journey to from Tawau to Semporna by road takes approximately one hour. The transfer to Kapalai by speedboat takes about 40 minutes. Normaly the tour agent or resort provides transfer arrangements for guest.

484 Bandar Sabindo,
P.O Box no 61120, 91021, Tawau
Tel: +6089 765200 (reservation and inquiries)
Fax: +6089 763575/763563

Pulau Sipadan Resort and Tours Sdn Bhd Block C,
Ground Floor, Lot 38 & 39, Mile 6,
Bandar Tyng, 90000, Sandakan
Tel: +6089 673999/674999/675999 (reservation and inquiries)
Fax: +6089 673777

This land, so beautiful
It will steal your heart away
This land is paradise
And it’s only, only a smile away
To know Malaysia, is to love Malaysia

* Sudirman's song for the 1st Visit Malaysia Year *

All this in... MALAYSIA

Credits : Sabah Tourism, Wikipedia


manglish said...

wow all these are in msia?? wow......

Lily Riani said...

yup! it's a place am wanting to go BUT i dont dive, thus am not sure how to kill time if i were there.

peaceful hor...

Shingo T said...

I love the sunset pictures. Since when did Malaysia had such a romantic island getwaway?

Ice said...

Hello Lily Riani,
Wow, so cantik lah! How come I never knew of such pretty place in Malaysia?

Almost can "taste" the sea breeze just by looking at the picture :o)

Lily Riani said...

shingo t,

true. the sunset pics really nice, must thank my friend who took such nice pics. sipadan fleet of island has always been well know for its sight, just that it's more popular to divers. i got to know from a bunch of colleague who happens to be divers. infact you can spend days n days in sabah... so much too offer.

ai shiang,

i know what you mean.. i was green with envy when i saw these pics. i guess the tourism board need to beef up their comm n advertising skill...heeheheee....

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