Sunday, November 29, 2009

A beach you'll NEVER regret


Let’s get it right from the start, NO!!!!!!!! I have NOT been here(now or my previous life [I think]) but would LOVE to spend my holiday here! I mean, seriously; who in the right mind in this world wouldn’t right! RIGHT? RIGHT!!!!

I fell in LOVE the first time I saw a colleague of mine showing me her holiday pics. In fact, from there after; I always say that anyone who proposed to me here would definitely get a “YES” without second thought! Hehehheee… DRAMA!!!

HENCE, I am “called” to blog on a place that I have NEVER been before… so that EVERYBODY knows my dream and that I get a “SPONSORED” (*hint* *hint*) holiday. Sigh…. (You think my massage got thru…? hemmm… well, at least I tried).

Normally the word ‘beach’ would make me shriek... followed by mumble of complaints, perhaps because I don’t have a Megan Fox body and of cause why in the world would I want myself to get darker then what I already am, DUH! BUT Sipadan Water Village (SWV) is different, it’s like…… Panggilan Pulau in an old P.Ramlee movie.

Thus, I decided to pen down on why does this island attract me so much…(I owe it to myself that much :p). Let’s see.

1. Quiet island
2. Crystal clean transparent water (yeah! I need to emphasize them)
3. Only chalet crews & guests inhibit the island (aside from native animals of cause)
4. Scenery! MARVELOUS!
5. Can finally try my hand on snorkeling (yeah! yeah! Never tried before, SHOCKING huh!)
6. Can finally try my hand on diving (still trying to convince myself)
7. Pic taking (we can’t miss this out, can we!)
8. Transparent BOAT!

Seeeeeeee!!!!! Even the good points ends with an “Ong” number (Ong = lucky in Chinese).

I knew about this place for a couple of years now, I shoved it at the back of my travel list; but this year it got “revived”. WHY?!??! CURIOUS huh? Well, I watched this Korean movie Boys Over Flower (BOF) and it was shot in New Caledonia, of which they have similar concept to SWV…(SWV much cheaper of cause) that’s when I start digging old pics and links and sites and traveling kakis…. No more excuses, MUST GO! MUST! MUST! MUST! But bila pulak yek!?!

For this trip that am YET to plan (but only manage to imagine), have so-called “decided” on what to bring (told you am a DRAMA QUEEN!).

1. Camera - my IXUS 870
2. Camera - need to buy Olympus Tough 6000 (water proof mah)
3. Camera - Lomo Supersampler
4. SD card - 2 x 8gb (you think enough?)
5. PSP - BOF all series downloaded
6. iPod - with all the “beachy” songs
7. Books - konon konon wanna read on the hammock lar (you think they have hammock there?!?!)
8. Notebook - blogging ofcozzz
9. Bajusss - I can’t be bringing all my gadgets but no clothes on my body right?!?

Oh! By the way, if we already gonna be in Sabah, might as well climb Mount Kinabalu, Sepilok to visit our “relative” in Orang Utan Sanctuary and shop at Labuan kan! That’s it, perfect plan! Need I say more?! I rest my case!

Anna? Andrea? Anyone? Everyone? JOM!

Credits : Wikipedia, SWV, Flickr, Sabah Tourism, Olympus, Lomo, Canon


BlueEwoke said...

wah salah satu tempat yg i nk pegi sesangat. Tp asyik tak jadi je..hopefully one day dpt la i pegi ke sini..I tgk gambar2 dari blog org lain pun dah teruja..uwee...

Lily Riani said...


i puuuuuun..... i somehow tend to divert to another country "subconsciously". in fact this year, i've booked tix to tawau enroute to sipadan but cancel last min due to swine flu. memang takde rejeki. perhaps 2010, they hv seabed/coral cleaning ke apa ntah, you should go then - berbakti kepada laut. Hehhehe.....

ps : we should plan to meet in another country next time ;)

Liudmila said...

My very very beautiful dream is to pass a vacation in a place like this. Who knows...

Shingo T said...

Never knew there's such a heaven in Malaysia.

Sipidan, I'll never forget this name. Thanks!

Lily Riani said...


A must go place, heaven on earth!

Shingo T,

Yup! In fact, I just found out another island - Mataking & Kapalai, it's even nicer. Am getting my friend's consent to use his pics for my blog. Watch out this space.

Must must go, if you are a fiver, you will love it even more.

fufu said...

sipadan... i wanna go tooo... bring me alooong please!!! i gonna kayaking with the transparent boat... awesome!!

Lily Riani said...


wait till you see kapalai pics, am getting from him the pics, you would wanna fly back ASAP.

Btw, is it possible to do a day trip to osaka from tokyo?

manglish said...

hello there.......that place is to die for....hahahaah have a cool day :)

Lily Riani said...


i know what you mean.... am dying to go there.... sigh...

MKL said...

Hehe.. wow. Seems like I haven't seen all of Malaysia.. and I'm such a fan. I'm definitely going to Malaysia again and I will try to find a place like this... Wow, love your blog. Definitely following :)

Lily Riani said...

thanks mkl... yeah u must come, just tell me when then we try to coincide and include u in....heheheh

Anonymous said...

I just watched Boys Over Flowers @8tv last week - the holiday episods @ new caledonian & my god - mmg best la!! All i think of...inilah dia tpt yg lily dok mentioned dlm blog tu...femes dah kot kat korea tp not among the westerners? -rad-

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