Monday, November 9, 2009

SIAM SUNFLOWER season. Middle Earth - DONE

Yeah, have been back to work since 3-4 weeks ago... clearing backlogged emails, following up on programs, chasing numbers, campaign tagging and balancing funds etc etc etc... And apparently I have 2 events at hand (one of it being a major MS Win7 Launch, of which I am not aware before I went on my trip). However, glad to have finished my Middle Earth blog (phew....). Seriously, I haven't even done with unpacking, whats the point right, after all am using the luggage for next destination. Where to? Hong Kong and Macau and...... probably another place but yet to confirm.

Anyway, I was thinking of which countries to pen down next then I realised of late there have been lotsa of enquiries on my Ayutthaya trip last year, hemm..... SUNFLOWER SEASON in November/December. Definately a great time to blog about this, perhaps this weekend? Or when I am in Singapore (I foresee my night time would be boring, sigh).

Teaser teasing...

But now, am off to Singapore for a regional marketing meeting. Till next entry.

Credits : Wikipedia

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