Thursday, November 19, 2009

A weird morning... road trip!?!

Day 1 (1 May‘09). WHAT???

Bosan!!!!…. as I balik-ed awal today. Hemmm….. Then me thought to MEself, why not I blog (sometimes it is pretty addictive, at times boriiiiiiiiiiiing). The other problem would be which country should I pick from my list, right? After careful thoughts, I think think and thonk thonk….. Ahhh!!!! I shall do local, but… local yang mana satu? Macam ler I banyak travel in country kan, actually; that’s my biggest problem, I don’t travel in-country much, I haven’t even been to east coast!!! East Malaysia dah sampai but more to business trips. Abit sad lar…

It started with my cousin, Tina calling me up at about 10-11ish on a Saturday, asking me “Jom gi road trip?” Strange question from her I thought but since it’s about traveling…. I’ll find any excuse to go lar. I said “Where to?…


I SERIOUSLY thought I am hearing things. “WHAT?????” Tried to persuade her to go Malacca instead (my favourite state ler kan) as I have a “hidden agenda“ - framed porcelain spoon set (a real beauty). Hehehhee…. We tried calling a baba & nyonya hotel in Malacca (I believed it is called Puri Hotel) but all hotels in Malacca was fully booked (is there an event there that I don’t know!??!) After much persuasion, I agreed on Morib….. Give Morib a benefit of doubt I figure. Tak suka, balik ler kann… bukannye jauh sangat after all. Oh! I told her I can’t be driving as I just went for knee ligament operations few weeks ago (due to my jump act during my Penang excursion just more then a month back - jalan lagi!).

SET! She came and pick me up about an hour after and off we goooo MORIB! SIGH….. We managed to google a hotel in Banting but personally it doesn’t look enthusiastic nor welcoming. We decided to drive to Morib itself and IF (and I said “IF“) then we see one we liked, we do a walk-in. Sounds like a superb plan! SEALED!

We reached Morib after close to 2 hours of driving, “bumped” into Impian Hotel. OK, here’s the thing, we called them earlier, they said they were fully booked due to an event in Jugra, but when we got there, they have a 1 chalet available “STILL” - only for walk-ins guest. And guess what, we JUST WALKED IN. Hahahahhaaa…. Checked-in, dump our luggage and head back to Banting for lunch (abit too late for lunch though but who cares, we were ROAD TRIP!!!). Well… we had lunch at KFC Banting and did a little snack shopping for evening time (The Store there is quite INTERESTING, bought few stuff too) and head for the BEACH!

I have NO, CORRECTION! ZERO EXPECTATION of Morib beach, always thought it’s gonna be dirty and unpretty lar… Saw the signage that says Morib beach, look for parking and parked our car. The scenary while we were walking was pleasant, golf course, arched tress, sun shinning thru…. I have to admit, this is a surprise… infact I took a few pics along the road.

As we walk closer to the beach, there was a futsal sand field; few kids playing kites there… ok! So far, so good….!

EH! WHERE? WHERE? WHERE? Where IS the beach? Cause I only see more trees, benches, playground and even more kid playing kites (more then you get to see in PD). A bit worried now…. I AM gonna be disappointed, I knew it!

Just about then, I saw THE beach, it’s weird cause then only I realized and remembered, Morib is NOT a “swimming” beach, well… at least not at where we are now lar…. But the scenery was BEAUUUUUTIFUL (MALU pulak to myself now!)

My nieces love running on the beach, playing kites and chasing the tiny crabs....

...and my sis and I?…… snappy snap all the way (Yup! I created a monster!).

I guess…. Morib is nice place for a family outing, where one can have a picnic by the sea, see kids enjoying themselves at playground (by the beach, how cool is that!) and chillexing with a yummy icecream, ahhahahaa….. that’s me ofcozzzz.

Well, as it approaches evening, we decided to head back to our cozy little chalet and chill, the kids wanted to go for a swim at the pool and my leg needed the deserved rest, my sis just wanna lepak…. I suppose it works well for all of us. We ordered room service and cook some maggies before we called it a night.

Sigh….. Have always loved the sunsetGod is GREAT!

Credits : Wikipedia, MDKL, Hotel Puri


Anonymous said...

Hmm, looks like Morib dah upgraded la ni ....when I went 2 yrs ago , aiyuh - super duper dirty, busuk, tak cantik, horrible experience....

now tengok ur photos, cantik pula....if u said nice , I mesti percaya punya .... I better go check out Morib before it is gone again, hehehe
Kimmie here !!!

Roger said...

Malaysia is a beautiful country there's no doubt about it. For Singaporeans it's the first foreign country they normally visit.

Lily Riani said...

Kimmie, yup... thats when my cousin said, "let's go morib" i was like "WHAT!!!!"..... thank goodness they beefed it up alot, uploading soon what to do around the area... you'll be fascinated.

roger, thank you!

spore is lovely too. am trying not to miss your lantern festival in sept (been going for few years now, blog abt it too i thk). infact i just got back from spore last week. i hv few places to cover in spore; one being the chek jawa or.. is it mek jawa beach... must do a sunset trip thr...

Ai Shiang said...

Hello Lily Riani,
Thanks for dropping by my blog recently.

You mentioned you just visited NZ? Will you be blogging about it?

Btw, I like your name :o)
Just a guess, are you from East Malaysia?

Lily Riani said...

Blogged on NZ... check-it out, hope i did NZ justice.... heeheheh nothing but GOOOOOD comments. Despite that I got fined on the first day driving :p !! I think I blogged it in Sept/Oct time frame - by daily, brought NB thr so that I can blog on the spot wherever there's free wifi.

My name? Am half Indon, my mom first gen born here... am chinese educated too... thus making me a confuse mix, and with a non "malay" name, obviously it doesnt help much. Oh! Am a KL/PJ gal.

Andy Young* said...

You have a great blog, really! Your pictures are fantastic.

Like Roger, I'm a traveller too but he's the adventurer. I just follow tours.

Don't you like some music in your life?


Lily Riani said...


Thanks for the comments. I love snapping pics too aside from traveling ofcos. As for music, yup! love life band. USe to listen to NRG here in KL.

fufu said...

wow playing kites... ages i never do that... will certainly do it if i have a chance going to any big field or beach =p thanks for reminding

Lily Riani said...


like my co training theme this time around "let out the beast in you"... but for dearest fufu, prob be "let out the child in you" ehehehhee.....

Anonymous said...

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