Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Went for Il Divo concert in Christchurch

Day10 (5 Oct’09). And to Antarctic during day time.

Sigh... Our LAST day in South Island.

Don’t think we can afford (
ever) to visit the Antarctic thus we thought we should go to the closest location - International Antarctic Centre. To sum this experience up - FUN! EDUCATIONAL! ENLIGHTENING! ie LUCKY US!

What is International Antarctic Centre, right?

Established in 1992, the Antarctic Attraction is located in the heart of a working Antarctic campus here at Christchurch International Airport. It is from here that many Antarctic missions are organised. With this in mind the Antarctic Attraction is designed to bring a powerful and memorable experience of Antarctica to visitors in a fun, exciting, informative and commercially successful way.

That’s pretty much explains it right.

Well, I experienced the Antarctic Storm at 40 km/h winds and braved -18 degrees wind chill, but not to worry though warm jackets and over-shoes are provided. It occurs every 30mins. Really “COOL” stuff!

An of cause - the penguins! I meant the CUTE LITTLE BLUE PENGUINS! ALL 26 of THEM! The best thing is that these penguins are those that that have been rescued and cared for since chicks. This is due to physical disabilities that have left them defenseless; they probably wouldn’t survive a day in the wild. Aww….. Comei giler....

There are also articles, facts, myth and Q&As on penguins to educate us lar…. Not just penguin watching lor... After all it is not zoo mah

Last but not least….the bestest of best… the hugglund ride. I’ve seen this machine/vehicle before but never knew that it have a name till now (silly me!). Did some “research”, found out that this vehicle is from Sweden and basically it is a four-person vehicle with tank tracks instead of wheels. It can carry four passengers and they mostly operate over snow and ice terrain including sea ice and soft snow. If I remembered it accurately, it can go on 45 degree slop as well as glide in water. Yup! An amphibian. Since the entrance fee is inclusive of this ride and as usual am forever excited on rides… apa lagi kan. So kiddo huh!

We have to bid adieu to our dear “Penguin WorldAntarctic Centre as we need to return our beloved car in the city, sigh… I did recommend most of the people I know to visit this place as there’s not much around, I suspect you can find another one at the exit port via South America. Update me if there is, it’ll be nice to know :D

We decided to get a quick bite after returning the car ie just before we go camera-clicking-session at Christchurch Botanic Gardens. Oh yah! I got my “Ugg” boot, well….. I bought the brand EMU as Ugg was too expensive for me :( Oh well! Better then nothing right, looking forward to wear it during my Hong Kong trip in December! Ops….Side tracked. By the way, found a Halal stall in Crossing Food Court, Yippee! And tried the New Zealand ice-cream in New Zealand itself. Same same jek taste dia, hemm….

Took the tram (again!) to the garden, since it’s valid for 2 days mah… why waste right. Double-checked, both batteries charged - here we go - photo-snapping-session! I won’t dwell on the “gardens” that we went but instead I will just highlight those that I like; else it will be pages loooooooooooooooooong. Trust me!


Eh! Loviiiiiing nyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee….. Pulak. Cam hindustani.

OK! I LOVE MYHEART” flower, and PLEASE! DO NOT ask me the name of these flowers; I will be happy if you can educate me instead. Hahhahaa….. Am so proud of these pics. Terrer dak?

Another one pic that I like…. Is the all time favourite - SAKURA. As usual lar, my disclaimer - if I have a better dSLR, the pic would have been perfect. I know! Pegi je lar beli kan?! - BUT no money lerr…

Last but not least, jeng jeng’s the punting thingy that we didn’t take… well, since we didn’t go for the ride. A pic of family kayaking will do lor. Not bad jugak. Should have just buat... sigh. Kan dah rugi.

Well, evening is approaching! Meaning IL DIVO CONCERT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We rushed back to get ready, REALLY READY! ie CANTEK CANTEK READY! Unfortunately no pics of Il Divo as no camera allowed (however we did see many people brought it in - felt cheated). Anyway, seeing Il Divo soothed the fact that we “DIDN’T” take any pic of them. A perfect finale for South Island.


Credits : International Antarctic Centre, Antarctic Explorer & Il Divo

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