Sunday, November 8, 2009

Jacaranda Bloom

Day14 (9 Oct’09). Purple!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tough! Tough! Tough! Hemmmm…….

What to do today???

1) Been to other part of OZ before thus not covering wildlife nor zoo in this trip
2) City is city, it will be almost the same with other city in other countries
3) One full day to spare before flying of tonight, hence can’t go outskirt
4) Not much money left from this trip (heheheee….)

Since checkout time is at 10pm, hence we need to do a filler till we fly off, we decided to take a stroll in the city, go to the park take the bridge to the other side. Sounds like a good plan.

Bet most people wanna know where I stayed and how does it look like, well…. I stayed in Brisbane City Backpacker on Upper Roma Street (next to YHA & Chill Backpacker), 7 mins walk to the Brisbane Transit Centre, facing Coles Supermarket, 10 mins walk to the Brisbane Street, 10 mins walk to Roma Park. PERFECT HUH!

If you walk towards the city centre, you will pass by the Police Headquarter, Brisbane Transit Centre and a lot of tour agencies for those that love adventures and excursions. Oh! By the way, I saw Mazda2, FABULOUSITY!!!!!!!!!!!After much contemplating, we decided to take the newly built bridge called Kurilpa Bridge that look like chopsticks in arrays. Heheheee…. Do you know there is a speed limit on this bridge ie walking or cycling speed (required 10km per hour). WOW! That’s a tough one. One thing I like about this bridge is that there is an emergency phones located along the bridge, benches for you to enjoy the scenery, drinking water fountain and café stall. AWESOME!!!!!

We then took a stroll on the boardwalk overlooking Brisbane city and got a better view of Kurilpa Bridge. There were beautiful graffitis (not sure whether it’s legal to do this or not) just before the Performing Art Centre.

Ahh….. The best part, we saw this gigantic ferris wheel near the Performing Art Centre. ONE JUMPING pic here. Oh! And I saw this couple enjoying the sun & Brisbane city that I just have to take a pic of them…. CUWEET!!!!

I have been wanting to take a pic of this ever since we first landed, the purple tree in Brisbane, I have to ask around what is the name - Jacaranda. They even have a man-made beach & pool right smack in the city! They thought of everything!

We thought we saw the end of it but NO!!!!!!!!!!!!! We saw even more at Queensland University of Technology. So, I decide to call this PURPLE SHOTS!

SHUCKS! We still have plenty of time to spare, we jalan jalan and I of course took some building pics.

As we don’t know where else or what else to do we decide to go to Roma Street Parkland. Took few of flower pics but I enjoyed the walk more despite I was a bit tiring since I think we covered at least 10km today.

Again more Jacaranda…..

Alas, we wasted time at a bench 1 min walk from our backpacker…. LOVE the feel.

Trip ends. Balik Malaysia.

Credits : Wikipedia, Public Works, Queensland University of Technology, Roma Street Parkland


BlueEwoke said...

cantik gile brisbane time spring. Bunga color purple lagi..time i pegi ari tu dah autumn, semua tak de..cis cis cis

Anonymous said...

u travel macam tak payah kerja la ... i think u r preparing for your next job , working for travel channel :) hehehe, macam tu, no need to blog panjang2, terus video, record , on-air ahe ..


Lily Riani said...

blueEwoke, cantek but abit bosan maybe becos nz lagi best, ter-overshadow brisbane ni. jacaranda memang cantek bt i have to gv credit to my darling canon camera.... function dia baguis. worth the investment. nak kena practice composition lagi ler ni.... next trip HK/Macau and maybe.... secret... ehheheh

Lily Riani said...


i rasa i dah teraboe age, let's blame it on technology, masa zaman kite dulu takda fb/blog, internet etc..... (macam ler tua sgt...ehhehee) bandung trip upload ler dlm fb.

jom! next trip mana? dubai?

frisco daniel said...

You really travel a lot! Well, I might as well be here one day to explore what it has to offer;) I like the last pic though. If only you added a few drama to the photo... like begging or something... LOL.

Lily Riani said...


ok ok... i will add in my future post and pics, specially dedicated to friscodaniel.

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