Sunday, November 8, 2009

Drama Queen in Movie World

Day13 (8 Oct’09). And that’s MOI!

This is how it works. Andrea absolutely LOVE Il Divo, and persuaded me to watch the concert with her in Chrischurch, the tix cost is so much lesser then the one held Malaysia. And I was thinking… hemmm… since I don’t think there would be much for me to do OR cover in Brisbane (not my first time in the land Down Under); I thought… heehehhehee… BARTER TRADE! I'll go to Il Divo concert, Andrea must go Gold Coast theme park! She replied within MICRO NANO SECOND!!!! YES!!!!! Suka nye saya….

I was hyper - charged all my camera batteries, dressed in my grey mini dress (I think I looked good in it PLUS the fact that I didn’t take that many pics in it - VAIN!), did my hair, I even wore contacts instead of glasses (punya lar vain nye!). READY TO GO!

Reached there at about 10am, queued for 15 mins or so… then in we go. First stop (and a MUST STOP) is cartoon characters. Hehhe….. Twitty Bird was our victim.

Since I work in HP, I have to take pic at SHREK again lar (did this in Universal Studio LA). HP & Dreamworks have a collaboration in making some of the box office hit animation - SHREK being the most famous one.

One thing I realised is that Andrea kinda like was the stunt show, I have to admit, it’s kinda terrer the merrer and especially the part the car was cut into TWO. A lot of drifting, makes me wanna watch Tokyo Drift all over again :p

Then I thought “hemm…, since I felt that I looked “GOOD”, Bruce Wayne aka Batman should be taking pic with me as well right” hehehee…. I bet he felt fortunate. Muahhahaha.... PERASAN MAX!

Walked over to the WILD WILD WEST park and was greeted by vultures…. They sure know how to make one feel unwelcome :D

There’s 2 things that I find it cute, the wash room (as I suspected how it would be) and the shirt of which I bought (Mr. Bunny).

Before I go rattle on Ms. WB, I thought I should just show the amazing Batman rides that I did not partake sebab malas.

Now…. Ms. WB, obviously Andrea Gail is not her real name lar.. She goes by the initial WB - Wau Bulan??!?! Hehehee…. Since we are in Warner Brothers (WB). I told her, hey why not we take the WB insignia and use it as you IM/MSN/FB profile pic…ehhehe… thus we went on WB pic taking spree. NO! We are not weird, we do have an objective in mind even though a weird one (but still objective maa… hehehhe). Mostly with her changgih manggih camera.

We waited for half a hour or more for the parade showcase… Me? I just wanted to see SCOOBY DOOBY DOOOOOOOO….

Not to forget pic of the rides and etc… knowing there bound to be friends asking for the type of rides available.

Well, after that we just go around and do a little snapping to past time before the shuttle picks us up again.

That’s all folks!

Tomorrow? Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeel.

Credits : Wikipedia, Dreamworks, Movie World Myfun, Warner Bros, Il Divo

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