Friday, November 6, 2009

Almost missed the ferry to Wellington

Day11 (6 Oct’09). Tah-tah South Island.

The day started badly for us, we woke early as we don’t want the same thing happening again (almost missing the shuttle - woke up late). We did EVERYTHING RIGHT! We were even at the main road 15mins early JUST to be on the safe side. So so so early that we saw the garbage truck picking up the recycle garbage - So cute! Guess what!?!? I guess you can’t challenge god’s will. The shuttle to the train station DID NOT ARRIVE! We ended up MISSING our NZ$100++ Tranzscenic train to Picton. I was FREAKING UPSET!

But there was this kind and extremely helpful taxi driver - Ian from Mainland Taxi Service, he picked us up and speed all the way to train station hoping we can still catch the train (but you know lar, they’re very punctual people). Unfortunately we did not manage to reach on time, sigh…. However, he extended his help by asking the station on alternative ways for us to get to Picton as we have to catch a ferry to Wellington (in North Island). We ended up taking an Intercity coach due to 2 no show (this is also with Ian’s help - forever ever and ever so ever so grateful) to Kaikoura (apparently THE place to do WHALE WATCHING).

It was very kancheong when we reached Kaikoura (2 hours bus ride or so), the driver said we can still make a “dash” to the train stop ie about 10mins walk (more like run!!) to catch back our “missed” train. However, according to Andrea that about half an hour ago, the train and our bus was at parallel on the coastal road; hemm… did a little bit of deduction - our Asian size, our luggage PLUS tiredness, I doubt we’re able to do the so called “DASH” to the train station. True enough; the very minute we took down our luggage, we saw the train passing by the bus stop heading to the train station. Sigh….

Now the other panic! As we didn’t book a bus tix to Picton; we have to gamble that the next bus to Picton have a 2 vacant seats for us. PRAY! Lucky us, word got around that we missed our train (NOT US! THE STUPID DAMN SHUTTLE! We were 15 mins early!), with god's will… we got the 2 seats to Picton (tuhan kesian kat we all kot). And as we thought we are now safe (finally), next panic pulak!

The next panic…. Are we able to catch the same ferry we booked together with the train from Picton to Wellington (trying and praying hard that we don‘t waste all our monies)? Answer : Arrived just at the nick of time to catch the Interislander ferry! SCARY SCARED!!!!! Hate the last minuteness and suspense, ayoo…. my heart was pumping non stop from Christchurch.

Once we boarded the ferry…. We lepak for about half an hour then…. ZZZzzzzzzz. Must be the STRESS!!!!

BUT…. Before I dozed off, I DID manage to take loads of pics since I NEVER in my life board such huge vessel before. There are 10 deck - T.E.N! We lepak at the sun deck for while, konon konon macho lar but couldn’t stand the wind chill. Hahhahaa… padan muka!

Other decks consist of food court, bars, family area, covered sun deck, locker, info counter and a shop. By the way, this ferry can also fit cars!!! There are bigger model that even carry the whole train!

Reached Wellington around 4ish in the evening, took a shuttle to Rosemere Backpacker. I must say it was a culture shock to us (and to other backpacker in the shuttle as well) on the driving manners in Wellington, soooo different from South Island whereby the drivers and calmer, slower and patient.

Andrea was too tired and overwhelmed with the hectic and suspense odyssey that we just had that she decided to rest in the room. Since we only have that few hours (of daylight) in Wellington (our flight in 6AM next morning to Brisbane), I figure I might as well take a walk nearby and send some postcards and get me-self a souvenirs.

The town was 5 mins walk from where we stayed, passed by an old church unfortunately forgot the name (memang no mindshare with North Island), reached the busy street and went to look for souvenir shops OF WHICH I DID NOT manage to find any. Upset sangat! Saw a bookshop, went inside saw like 4-5 design of fridge magnets - jadilar. Bought few postcards as well, wrote it there and then and post in out immediately. Job well done.

Hemm... This will be the last time I spend walking down street of New Zealand, felt abit sad for I know I will miss and longing to come back. Sigh…

So long farewell, auf weidersehen good-bye
I hate to go and leave this pretty sight

So long farewell, auf weidersehen adieu
Adieu, adieu, to you and you and you

So long farewell, au revior auf weidersehen
I'd like to stay and taste my first champagne

So long farewell, auf weidersehen goodnight
I leave and heave a sigh and say good bye

Au adieu!

Credits : Wikipedia, Whale Watch, Backpackers Wellington


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