Saturday, November 7, 2009

To The Land Down Under

Day12 (7 Oct’09). Bye Bye Wellington, Hello Brisbane.

The shuttle came at 4am in the morning and of cause this time around we are SMARTER! We asked for the contact number as well just incase they forgot about us, can’t miss out flight. But the services was excellent not only that he was superbly friendly but perky as well (at the wee hour! Wow!). Off we go leaving Rosemere Backpacker behind.

Our day in OZ wasn’t as eventful as our days in NZ, which is kinda good as needed the
break from THE BREAK. Hahhahaa…. Reached Brisbane in the morning, decided to walk to the city and probably do a little shopping and buy our OZ souvenirs for friends and relatives. And also stop over at Hard Rock Café - we’re collector. Hint hint! :p

I’ll probably write a short entry for all blog during this stay. Hahhaha…

We stop over at Brisbane Market at Brisbane Square. Lotsa of local food product being sold, bought ourselves lunches ie bread. Kinda of nice, reminds me of my sis pizza baking skill. YUMMY!

We took a train to Nehrang, and the supposedly a bus to Surfers Paradise - our HRC quest! We met with this nice friendly lady with the most cutest daughters and adorable son. We chatted to past time.

Waited at Nehrang for half an hour (bored to death), finally the bus arrives, got in, another 1 hour drive to HRC…sigh… the train was 2 hours ride (we stopped for half an hour due to some issues involving police at 2 station after Sunnybank), the bus 1 hour ride… talk about passing the time. We must have prayed hard enough that god answered our prayers. He even gave us a few sprinklers of rain. :

Reached Hard Rock Café Surfers Paradise, snap a few pics as proof of execution (KIASU!) and ran in to shop! BUT, tak banyak design yang I like in L size…. Shucks! Got a black one instead (since it comes in L as well), even though I preferred the one I bought for Anna (purple - cantek, tapi tak ada size). Sigh…. Tak ada lar, her rezeki.

After done with the goods aside from the fact our substantial wallet damage, we took a walk on pedestrian mall. 3 things that caught our attention.

(1) Blonde & Sexy Baskin Robbins walking advertisement (the guys would wished they’re here huh!)

(2) Aquaduck Amphibian ride (Malaysia should have this, make banjir a tourist attraction, ahhahahhaa)

(3) Condom Kingdom (err…..)

Hehhee… interesting neh….. Strolled we did till we reached the beach area. Hemm…. How should I describe thing?.. I guess after being to Hawaii, this is nothing great or perhaps I did catch anyone surfing, maybe…

There! We covered the famous Surfers Paradise. Time to balik…. Penat!

Tomorrow - Movie World, Gold Coast!

Credits : Wikipedia, Movie World Myfun, Rosmere Backpacker

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