Sunday, November 15, 2009

Bangkok JAM

Day 4 (24 Dec’08). Shoppaholic vs. Travelholic

I won’t rat on Bangkok that much as it’s no biggy, it’s pure shopping! Shopping and more SHOPPING! More my sis that is…. Me no shoppaholic, just plain TRAVELHOLIC! HAHHAHAHHAAA…..

Ayutthaya train station is very small, whatever you see on my post, that as big as it gets. We left at close to 9am for our 1.5hr journey back to Bangkok and it’s jam.

Well, we dump our luggage at the same hotel we had earlier, in fact our bigger luggage was stored here. And…. Adjourn to shopping and whole loads of walk. First we attacked the mall, from MBK to Siam Paragon to Ladies Wholesale Market. Nothing was missed out...or at least we think we didn’t.

Took pics f the Christmas decors and shop as we go along. Not much pics were taken during this shopping spree….Tangan sarat ngan barang jualan ler babe!

We, as usual, took silly pics around the World Trade Centre Mall.

And my sis had her calling on Green Peace…. Actually, tengok jek, buat dak kot.

Ah…… I love their Watson, 1st is because it have 2 floors, 2nd is because they have funny and cheap stuff and last but not least, they have a bike !??!?!?

Since I promised to take my sis t all the places of shopping before we balik tomorrow, thus I dragged her to Silom Night Market….BOY! And she finally saw what makes them famous…



fufu said...

yeah the jam is a big issue since 20yrs ago ><

Lily Riani said...


i think it the city planing, didnt forcast it far enough, KL the same... jam jam jam...

come to think abt it, what do you study, i tried googling, sound complicated for me to understand.

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