Thursday, October 29, 2009

Our nights in Jailhouse, New Zealand

Hemmm… quite comfortable - to my amazement.

Well…. It’s nothing worrying, seriously. No! We didn’t get caught and was sent to the prison. It is our jailhouse backpacker accommodation. How cool is that huh.

But why prison we’ve asked too, what so interesting riiight, hehehe…. We googled and found out few details and thought it will be interesting to “stay” here.

Snippet :
This important example of "Gothic Revival" architecture was built in 1874 under the guidance of Benjamin W Mountfort.

Constructed out of 60cm thick concrete - which at the time was a relatively new material - the building has survived in pristine condition.

When opened, the building catered for the needs of both sentenced and remand prisoners.

Over the years the building has been used as a jail, a woman's prison and a military camp.

The Mountfort cell block and remaining perimeter walls are scheduled as a protected item, for historical and architectural reasons, in the Christchurch City Plan.

The prison was closed in 1999, meaning all Christchurch Prisons were then located outside of the city boundaries. The prison lay empty until early 2006 when the building was bought by local couple - Kirsty and Grant, who renovated the building and Jailhouse Accommodation opened in late 2006.

Ahh… now we're curious of what they have to “offer” this so called “great place” …

The Jailhouse has single, double, twin, dorm and family rooms available in our backpacker youth hostel. We welcome people of all ages to experience our special budget accommodation. WiFi and Free Parking.

The Jailhouse backpacker hostel is clean, warm and friendly with super-comfortable beds, close to top Christchurch attractions. We are the closest budget accommodation to the Railway Station (free shuttle to the Station), Westpac Centre and Addington Raceway for the famous Christchurch Show Week events.

Visit the Jailhouse Hostel Travel Desk to book all your Christchurch and New Zealand transport and adventure activities including rental cars, campervans, Magic, Kiwi Experience, Stray and other great backpacker deals.

Now…. Our version, and what we've captured thru our eyes…. Ceh wah… macam real real ajek… Le tour de prison…ehhehehee…

The Living Room.
Very warm and cozy area with public phone, few round tables, payable WIFI, sun/moon roof, sofa set and magazines/books for borders.

The TV Room.
Nice with vast selection of movie. You will never be bored lar…

The Reception Area.
Ahhh….. Friendly staff and helpful (that’s for sure). Plenty of excursions option for guest, flyers upon flyers for varies activities from varies operators, you will never be short of information.

The Cell.
What everyone is curious about! 2 bunk bed with heavy iron door (prisoner mahh). Then ofcos there’s this tiny window right close to the ceiling for sunlight, heater, mirror, powerpoints, hangers (for clothes!!!!!), drawers and luggage area.

The Bathroom.
CLEAN & DRY! Enough said :D

The Toilet Bowl.
FARNIE! Barb wire toilet seats…haahahaha….

The Kitchen.
Huge. For one, they have fridge for you to put your cold food BUT must indicate name, room, check-out date. Then, there’s 2 sinks, 3 microwaves, hot water dispenser, plenty of stoves, common cups/mugs, woks, plates, kitchen utensils and etc etc etc. Also! Plastic boxes for you to put you dry food stuff in the kitchen for keeps. Impress? Chup! Wash your own dishes after yourself lar hor…

The Launderette.
Self-service. Wash-machines, dryers, irons & cloths detergent available. $3 for washing and $3 for big dryer. $2 for the detergent, open from 8am to 10pm.

The Locker.
They have the individual locker for guest who are doing overnight excursion – payable of course.

To Rent.

The Jailhouse ITSELF.
For you viewing pleasure :)

Do drop by as they're open for public to tour as well.

Credit : Jailhouse Accomodation


bdk2 @ John said...

ok...gila awesome! gonna put in my note later. hahah...must visit!

Lily Riani said...

dia out of town sket, but bus stop betul2 depan guesthouse.

Janggel said...

oh this is what yang u cakap smalam????? gile nice!

Lily Riani said...

yesssza. interesting experience. gi ler.

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