Sunday, October 25, 2009

I TOO wanna campervan-ing

Day 8... and the other half (3 Oct’09). Surprised by the campervan site.

Drove out of Queenstown snow safely and more calmed. Hahhahaa….. I guess I panic for no reason (as usual - paranoia), just a waste of energy. Anyway we drove a few tiny towns; one that caught my eyes was the Alexandra, one town after Cromwell. It’s just another town actually, just that there was this err…. Tree that looked kinda interesting…. Snappy snap away as usual.
It was a very long drive (poor Andrea); however we did make a scenic stop at Gold Field Plaque, NO! NO! NO! No gold here, only yellow tussock field, it’s really nice and peaceful, and unfortunately my pic didn’t do it justice. The break was good though to stretch our tired monotonous leg. Aaaah……..
Oh no! I need bio break NOW! Next town we need to stop, else "Houston, we have problem". Saw a nice little cosy Palmerston town with nice clean public toilet - did my “business” satisfactorily. Hehhee….. We decided to have our quick lunch here, not much food offered as it’s after lunch time (sigh…). Not much restaurant either, few souvenir shops and one super mart. We decide to make a move as we need to catch the daylight time.

And AGAIN, we saw A bridge with A creek, I just have to go lar kan… take pic I mean… Mamang “perak”.

Alamak! Need another bio break lar pulak! Shucks! I can’t remember what made me turn left near the railway line, I guess "gut feel"? Or I did see the word "town" somewhere? Hemm… anyway. We bump into Ashburton Holiday Park, remembered telling Andrea "ada toilet kot kan sini". Drove in we did! As I was waiting for Andrea to finish her "turn", I took a short walk to see the “park”, that was when I realized it is a CAMPERVAN PARK, complete with a small pond, bridges, ducks, clean dry toilets, power points, parking bay the whole works. I was like….. “WOW! Kalau macam ni, I TOO don’t mind campervan-ing man!” I was practically gawking!! (Come to think about it, actually I was!)

Hemm…. Not much after that, it was a dry drive to Christchurch, arrived around 7ish, checked in and went to bed.

Next; all about our nights in the jail.

Credits : Wikipedia, Ashburton District Council

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