Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Cruising…. Milford Sound

Day 5 (30 Sept’09). An evening on The Mariner.

I realized somehow, I would to take a boat or ferry cruise almost at every country I go to. It’s a MUST, and let me tell you that am scared of open water hence you will never caught me diving (YET!). Still trying to brave myself to do snorkeling…. Hahahhah… CHICKEN! Surprise neh…

Big boat or yacht or ferry is still….. Ok…. So far…. :P

Back to The Mariner, we board and was ushered to the “lobby”, can’t remember the boat term but I know it’s not the deck (right?!?). Registered, chekced out our cabin and all, then... what else but to go to the sun deck right for more pics and pics and more pics. With GOD given good weather that day. HEAVEN! LOVE GOD!

Since it’s not easy to describe those stuff I saw in a blog or face book or even when you tell the tale to your family and friends, hence I’ve decided to SNAAAAAP every single little thing. KIASU!
We took the boat excursion (of cause) out of the 4 offered (kayak, stay on The Mariner or swimming). Yup! Am a lazy bum… hahahhaa….We did learnt a few things though. We were taught about the fern leaf that we’ve been seeing representing on almost everything that in New Zealand. The leaves are dark green on the upper side and silver underneath. The underside glows brightly in moonlight providing excellent track markers in New Zealand's native forests. It was often used by Maori as bedding for sleeping on due to the thin texture of the 'hairs'. Very enlightening to us. We also learnt about the beautiful sounding of bell birds and not forgetting the fiord of cause.

Also kepoh at the captain’s cabin as it was less cold, less wind chill and was hoping to see some hunk, but none appear. I need to talk to Murphy on this.
Waited anxiously for the sunset - trying to get good pics (hopefully). Of cause GOD will never fail us on this… the panorama was exquisite, picturesque, serene….sigh…. All these in front of us…. GOD is GREAT!

We attempted to “sit” and “laze” at the deck after dinner, do a little star gazing perhaps (ceh wah…)…. NO! It didn’t happen, SEJUK LAAR…..GILER….

Liking this country as days go by. Can’t wait for tomorrow.

Credits : Nzflag, Treknature, Wikipedia


BlueEwoke said...

Arggggg I dah lama sangat teringin nk ke NZ nih, sejak dari kecik lagi, sebab tgk jiran i pegi sana, diorg ckp best!!! tapi sampai hari ni belum berkesempatan lagi..Arggg jeles! jeles (dengki mode) :))

Lily Riani said...

It's not that expensive as everyone thinks... my flight cost about RM2875 to be exact ie RETURN OK! Murah tuh.... i stayed in backpackers jek... plus shopping etc (OZ extended stay mahai sikit becos exchange rate)... i think i spent rm10k(all in plus shopping) BUT i jenis beli souvenirs tuk semuarang ie cousins, families, colleagues,friends etc.... bag overweight gila! postcard anto kat nieces daily... and yg merepek2 tuh mahai ie cruise, rides, extreme sport etc... if tak take all those, murah jek trip ni.

BlueEwoke said...


I dont mind staying in backpackers pun, janji affordable. Tp u gila la habis sampai 10k!! tp worth it la, sebab cantik sangat NZ nih..ok maybe i should start saving now!! This is one of my dream vacation tooo..huhuuhu

Lily Riani said...


I can help you with the flights part, i have a superlink for cheap low cost carrier airline site, nanti i blog kan where and how i get all there stuff and what i normally surf for accomodation, i will hyperlink everything.

On another note, if you have anyplace that you wish to go other then NZ, just drop me a note, if I have been, I can share my slide. SLIDE OK! Kan i drama sket.

PS : I have same ID for facebook, you can check out loads more pics there. some countries i belum blog pun.

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