Wednesday, October 14, 2009

360 degree spin Shotover Jet

Day 6 (1 Oct’09). Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeee……

Woke up, had breakfast and heard an announcement that there are waterfall and seal where we are heading, apa lagi, we ran outside to take pics PLUS still with morning tea in our hand. Talk about drama with a capital “D“!

We stop over at Discovery to drop those that has taken package to see the underwater life. It’s only for few minutes, looked like a base camp for the Discovery.

Reached the jetty at about 10.15am on the dot (impress), head to our coach and head back to Queenstown, BUT NOT before making few stops along the way (didn’t I tell you we got a darn good driver!! * beaming*).

1st stop - The Chasm. Kept reminding me of Da Vinci Code, sigh… It’s a nice site, but I prefer the on-foot-journey there, everything single thing look AND feel FRESH. Infact, it reminded me of Mossy Forest in Cameron Highland, Malaysia. I was soooo busy taking pics of the greenery that I was the last one to board the coach. Aiks!

We stopped at Te Anau as per the trip going to Milford Sound, as we would pick up/drop off passenger. Gavin will then give us about half an hour bio/coffee/ciggy break :D . I saw this cool water plane in the lake and a small chopper on jetty helipad - how cool is that right!?!? Apa lagi, kalam kabut take pics lar…. Macam kera dapat bunga.

Gavin then took us via farm lane to show us the BESTEST spot, overlooking…….. EVERYTHING! I felt like the scene from Lion King at Pride Rock. The whole land is MINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hehhehe… how I wish lar.

Other then this, we slept ALL THE WAY to Queenstown.

We rushed back to meet our Shotover Jet boat ride. YES! Reached Queenstown on time - THANKS GAVIN! Queenstown is so small and easy peasy that we practically by-hearted the area. PERASAN! Was there early and us being KIASU, we brought forward our schedule to half an hour earlier. And YES, they allowed! Thank goodness for that as it drizzled shortly after we ended our ride. Thank you GOD!

The ride was………………. Exhilarating!!! ABSOLUTELY LOVE the 360 spin. LOVE IT! LOVE IT! LOVE IT! So love it that we spend N$30+ to buy the pics, postcard etc… almost bought the boat… almost. Will update this after I manage to scan this pic. Hhehehe….

Nothing much to do after that as the ride took us approximately 1 hour to complete. We walked back to town from The Station. Oh yah! The STATION is located at the corner of Shotover Street, it is a place where you can book your AJ Hackett bungy jumping, skiing, paragliding, Shotover Jet etc etc, they also sells machandise of the activities offered under their own brand. How cool is that!

Basically, let me put it this way lar, Queenstown is the capital of Extreme Sport / Adventure, everything is done there from parachuting, paragliding, hand gliding, skiing, snowboarding, jetboat ride, river safari, hiking, glow worm, river rafting, mountain biking, hiking, rock climbing, via ferrata, aiyaa…. Everyting lar!

Anyway, we decided to walk around town to scout for souvenirs and Manukah Honey (ada order from Malaysia lar) before heading to our hostel and call it a day.

Credits : SummerGlow Apiaries, Wikipedia, Shotover Jet, The Station

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