Saturday, February 20, 2010

The 3 travelbesties... (photo tag)

Recently I received a photo tag from Under Lock and Key, thought that it’ll be cool to join in the fun (so that my blog won’t be just about my trip - well…. kinda).

Anyway, the rules of this tag are:
1. Open your 1st Photo folder.
2. Scroll to the 10th photo.
3. Post the photo and the story behind it.
4. Tag 5 or more people.

After careful thought and thinking of how best to cheat (INCASE my the pics turn out UGGGGGGLLLLYYYYYY), I am confident it will fall under my personal screen saver album of which I will; one way or another look AT LEAST presentable (phew!).

I opened the album, moved my cursor and counting at the same time… from left to right (naturally). Tah dah.. It falls under my Louvre & me pic… hemmm….doesn’t sound interesting to blog (susah lor like this). I read the rules again… AH-HAH! Since it doesn’t say to move the cursor right to left nor left to right nor top to bottom etc etc etc….. I smartly thought of doing JUST that ie move my cursor TOP to BOTTOM. YEAY! It landed on a pic and it is not just about MOI. Which means, better story to tell…. (as you can see, choosing pic alone took 2 whole paragraph to story mory!).

The 3 travelbesties…

This cool pics (well to us at least) was taken during our Jogjakarta trip (Yeah! Yeah! You can click on Jogja and it will redirect you to my Jogja blog) to see the magnificent Borobudur (YUP! UNESCO site. AGAIN). Our travel agent Lengga was very kind since I (as usual ie the ONE ALWAYS with WEIRD request) “highly” ie "insist-ly" requested to sight see Parangtritis (upon cousin’s recommendation) and YES! The view DID NOT DISAPPOINT us (unfortunately am not allowed to post more then one pics base on the rule lor. Lily SHALL FOLLOW RULE).

This pic was taken after the long horse ride along the beach. The coconut drink was certainly refreshing. Anna, Fatin & me togetherness pic, and if I'm not mistaken; that’s our 2nd coconut drink.

By the way, you will see the same folks in most of my pics by now… ofcos they’re my travelbestie - Anna, Andrea, Grace and Fatin the sista (in no particular order, nanti ada yang merajuk pulak kan kan kan… hehhehee….). Hopefully joining the gang - Kim, Rad & Esther (Come on guys! GURL POWER!).

Do go to my Jogja blog for more storytelling.

Parangtritis Beach Myth
Legends of Ratu Kidul or Nyai Loro Kidul and her tragic, demise abound…… Ratu Kidul's favourite color is a special shade of pale yellow-green known as gadung melati. Local folklore warns visitors not to wear the colour green, or the Queen will entice the wearer into the ocean to drown. And that is why you will rarely see anyone wearing green near the beach. If you happen to be in the wrong place at the wrong time, Ratu Kidul or her one of her ministers, may just claim you as another subject in her underwater court. Hyperlink credits - read more…


Ice said...

You guys sure look happy with all the drinks available :o)

I see Fanta, Fanta grape is my favourite but can't get it here.

Lily Riani said...

ai shiang,

yeah! i was unexpectedly plesent trip, we thought jogja going to be boring this we booked for 3D2N, rushed everywhere like mad trying to fit into the schedule.

No Fanta in Sydney, when my boss drop by Msia, I see whether I can get him ta pau for you...ehhehehehe

Anonymous said...

How fun! Thanks for tagging me. I'll do my post this week. :)

Lily Riani said...


thanks girl :D i will be watching out for your lovely post

TG said...

Horse ride along the beach reminds me of my trip to Tunisia in 1999. Every day all the time people "harassed" us with this horse ride, haha..

Anyway, your pic is cute :)

Finally a non-travelholic post? Ehm, no, not really :P

Chelsea Talks Smack said...

cutest picture, EVER

Biqque said...

i've been tagged! hmm, let me try to find the selected picture...


Biqque said...

i played dis tagging game before but the rules are much more deeper...i've opened my photo folder and first album is "bagan lalang" but the pictures, (jgn gelak) 1-10 tu high tension tnb dgn signboard je! tak best laaaaaaaaaaaaaaa hahaha! takmo, takmo!

Wenny said...

Hey Lily, you tagged ME! Adoi!! Choosing a pic no problem, cerita2 that's susah ... SUSAH YO!

Anyway, I love your pic, 3 lovely gals enjoying life. Don't lose that 'CAN DO SPIRIT' ... EVER!

Thanks for the tag. Will see what I can do.

Lily Riani said...


gee....tunisia... THAT IS SOOO ADVENTUROUS! GREEN with ENVY. so much for a non-travel post huh! ahhahah.... lemme try again next round. perhaps on chinese new year.


parangtritis best kan kan kan... did you go to the resort on the cliff?

do what i did, count to tend from diff position top down or from last pics onwards since no specific rules maa...


ahhahah.... i always like to read your post... am sure u can do a story... i believe in you...ceh wahh... "can do!" "can do!" "can do!" "can do!".... my target this year - TIBET! can do! can do!

Shingo T said...

Your motto is "Love life, live life", isn't it?

Rock on, play more, and show us more pics. ^_^

Lily Riani said...

shingo t,

i like that!!!!!!! love it love it love it! you hit the nail on teh head!

i shapp use your comment on my upcoming post. THANK YOUSSSS and Happy CNY.

Tiffany Khoo said...

Ahh, that looks like a fun tag. Anyhow, stumbled when blog hopping. :)

Lily Riani said...


join in the tag... it's fun.

trishie said...

Great photo! travelling is so much more fun when with people you love. Hope you had fun with the tag!

Lily Riani said...


yeah! i did.... thank you so much! hope you have recovered.

ColeAndJosephine said...

That is so funny! I was worried my picture would be horrible and I would have to cheat, too! But I don't know how you can get much better than drinks in coconuts!

Lily Riani said...


When I saw the coconut pics.... i was like "phew"..... else i need to source another way to "cheat" hehehheheee

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