Monday, February 15, 2010

Sin City By The Sea And THE LADY

Day 4 (2 February 2010), Chinese Rock !?!?!

Seriously, I don’t think I will ever like Pattaya and being there recently proves it. Maybe because I’m a female kot!??! Hahhahaha….. Sure punya lar kan.

Ah well! After much thinking of the 2 hours journey away from my darling collection… NO wild horses can drag me away! Decided, we took the BTS to Ekkamai and hop on the immediate bus to Pattaya which cost 113baht, and go go go…

Our aim, once reaches there, look for Hard Rock Hotel Pattaya and buy the shirt, pin, shot glass and then cabuuuut. The bus journey was boring and as usual I couldn’t sleep lar, so decided to watch CSI on my PSP (lucky thing I bought this toy!) and sis with her iPod.

2 hours later and at the bus terminal, we queued up to buy the return tix (kiasu) but soon learnt that this was not allowed, you are only allowed to purchase tix 1 hour before departure…hemmm.. Interesting - no booking!

Oh! The good thing about the bus terminal is that they have mobile tourist personnel to assist tourist - kid you not, BETUUUUL! He approaches us and asks where and what we plan to do, after learning that we wanted t go to HRC, he said perhaps we should go next door (like really really next door) to find out more of what activities we can do while in Pattaya. OK lor…. We figured since it’s free advice mah… the lady was very polite and helpful giving us maps and “up selling” the cabaret show, water activities and other stuff. We straight away tell her ONLY HRC, she said why (!?!??!?). Well…. I can’t possibly say I just wanna buy this 3 items and balik to Bangkok right, I mean…. I will look silly doing it!!! So, I smartly said “Wanna eat lunch there” (It’s not even halal, sigh… the crap things I tend to say), of which after saying it, I KINDDDDAAAA look silly!!!! Took a 2 hours bus journey just to have lunch in HRC!.. I buat muka slumberland and said I like HRC food and thanked her. Hehhehheee….

Tuk tuk cost 40baht for us both to reach HRC (coming back was 150baht… strange!). We more or less spend half an hour there and decided to walk to the nearest mall and take some beaches pictures as well.

OK! This is MY opinion on Pattaya; it’s really not THAT great…. In fact I think Kuta was much better. Maybe I was at the wrong happening beach - MAYBE. But I was kinda disappointed lar… I know their nightlife is DARN happening wannnn….. But not my cup of tea pulak. The beach front was short for one, the stretch/length was so-so, I think the whole population is right there on the beach as I felt it’s a liiiiitle big congested. And a lot of not-so-young-nor-good-looking-folks there…. Hemm…. Ladies, forget about man-hunt here yah! On scale 1-10, I’ll give it a 3. SORRY!

We went inside the mall of which we thought so-so as well… (MAN! So hard to please me today!)…We had our lunch - bread! (AGAIN!) And calling it a day for Pattaya. Hahhaha…. So not eventful like the rest of my other days…. I personally disappoint myself. HAHAHHHAHAHAAA….

We did the reverse route and went shopping in Bangkok…. HAPPIER.

Not so fast! Belum habis yet. Something weird… strange… scaring… spooky happened to us in Bangkok that night. You see…. We went shopping at Platinum Mall after the Pattaya trip and have dinner in Centralworld Mall (Yeah! Got halal stall there. YEAY!), on the way back which was only around 8ish, we walked back to our tiny-cute-alcheapo-hotel, BUT on the way back, my sis was stopped by a local lady (decent dressing), and start talking to her in Thai, she said “no! no! Speak English” but the lady stopped her again and continue speaking in Thai (I was few steps in front of her and didn’t realise this ofcos), she called my name out loud, and I turned and ran to her, stopped the lady and said “NO! NO!” sternly and ask my sis to march on and cabut lar…. We walked like a maniac and realized she walked as fast behind us (few steps behind us). We got panic lar kan… I told my sis to go into this bigger hotel (Indra Regent) and obviously I doubt she will follow us there, we then wait awhile before walking back to our hotel which is 7 mins away. Good plan right….? (I wouldn’t want that lady to know where we stayed).

Guess what!!??!?!??! I told my sis to “let’s hide in the washroom” and we blur-ly walked towards the gents instead (hehehee… that’s how scared we are), as we turn around to look for the ladies washroom after realizing the boo-boo, we saw her walking into the hotel from a distance. SHIT! HOW!!!!! We ran behind the pillar and waited anxiously, not sure of what to do, to tell the guard (they wouldn’t understand more over we are not even a hotel guest! OPS!) Or run out… think hard! Then we caught a glimpse of her standing at the lift…. Wah… we were thinking, is she going up to hunt for us? Lagi lar panic. Sis said we should walk out (follow the crowd) and ran back to our hotel. Well… let’s go for it…. RUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kept looking back we did, “NO” she wasn’t behind us…. But we still wanna be safe. Finally reached our hotel, we thought we walked forever (felt like the longest walk). We double locked our room and push our suitcase behind the door. I think we might have over doing it BUT then again…. What are the chances of a local staying in the same hotel that you trying to hide in right…? I couldn’t sleep well that night! Prayed like crazy. Sms-ed Andrea and my bro, they calmed me down ofcos (Thank you guys! MUACKS!).

Finally we got our drama to end the what we thought gonna be a boring day.

Hyperlink credits : Wikipedia, HRC, Centralworld, Sony, Apple, BTS


manglish said...

so much drama and u still dont like pattaya? hahahha happy holiday

Lily Riani said...


drama in bangkok wor, not pattaya... but really.. i would highly recommend bali instead. much more to offer. if you want beaches lar.

The Cottage Cheese said...

That beach may have been a disappointment, but the palm tree, sunny skies, and umbrella drinks still look pretty appealing to me. I'm enjoying our snow, but these constant gray winter skies have me dreaming of tropical beaches like this! Happy Valentines Day girlie!

Lily Riani said...

the cottage cheese,

i guess we never appreciate & feel blessed what we have huh... here in msia we always wish for cooler breeze and white xmas. need to count my blessing more :D

Liudmila said...

Maybe you were not in the right state of soul. Looking on your photos, specially those near the beach, I find them very attractive. Maybe it's because we forget how is the sun here.

Lily Riani said...


Perhaps... I guess sun & beaches are so common here we tend not to appreciate it so much...sigh. Pretty sad huh. Need to count plenty blessing I guess.

fufu said... scary ya the thai lady knew your name... but do take care when you go to thai again next... yeah i dont like pattaya either >< because i couldnt watch the tiffany show >< lol well you girls gila la...2hrs just for hardrock stuff... gila betul....but well i am collecting hard rock classic tshirt too...but now takde duit >< stop buying already T.T

Lily Riani said...


yeah lor! super scary! i heard the show is great! but dont feel like watching man performance :P

perhaps if i am in some authentic country i can get you one. since classic is cheaper. ehheheheee....

Wenny Yap said...

Phuket and Bali is so much better than Pattaya, truly. It's only so-so in comparison but due to some personal unhappy experience there, I will never ever ... never never go to Pattaya again! Else, I'll beat the crap out of hubby! :)

Lily Riani said...


oh dear! no worries, this is the last time u heard me blogging abt pattaya.

i agree... no to pattaya. even i dont like bali that much but bali certainly better then pattaya anytime.

u shud go thr ie bali to take a break. it'll be fun.

the girl in stiletto said...

i totally love your photos. they're really good. i love good photography but still am not an expert just yet. ahaha.

the beach looks amazing actually. but then again, most beaches look amazing to me. (being the beach girl and all ahah!)

Lily Riani said...

stiletto girl,

i really like your pics too. am too at learning stage, not stll toying whtr should i buy a dslr.

am a sunset person... love pics on sunsets.

trishie said...

i went to pattaya when i was quite young with my parents, all i can remember was the clear water at the beach, i thought i was pretty but i guess much has changed since then!

kenwooi said...

wow that's pretty scary.. haha.. should have more men in the group.. anyway, glad everything's fine..

and pattaya reminds me of the nasi pattaya! =P

Lily Riani said...


very crowded, i would recommand bali at sanur.... you would love it, check out my bali entry in 2009. i guarantee that you'll love it.


yeah lor! sometimes having male in the group does help. btw, no nasi pattaya in pattaya, sis & me wondered the same thing...hahahhahaa..... a bunch of liar! hahahahaa....

Wenny Yap said...

Hi Lily, been to Bali. Twice and each trip I came back with 2x tattoes. You can check 'my holidays' though the pics are not as good as yours.

Lily Riani said...


what?!??!? you are soooo cool! 2x tattoes!!!! ...... speechless. i will drop by for sure on your "holidays".... am still impress here!

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