Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Incredible India

Day1 (25 October 2004). The loooooooong awaited trip (then). FINALLY!

I have blogged about almost all continents or perhaps I should say section (continents sounds pretty HUGE, TOO huge lar) as I have been to or at least one of the countries in this section (Well, I haven't been to South America / North America yet), guess now it's India's turn and my traveling companion this time around is Grace. Am pretty excited with this trip for few obvious reason…

1) Taj Mahal (a must MUST for me!)
2) Atharva & Seema (cutie pie & his mommy darling)
3) The majestic architecture and wonders of culture

Well… the real list was pretty long lar, there’ll be no end if I were to pen it down, thus let’s just stick with 3 points okies dokies?

Grace is one of the easiest travel-kaki, basically her statement will be “just tell me how much, should not exceed RMxxx and you must plan EVERYTHING!”. She just pack and go and a light traveler too.

Can’t remember the exact detail (since it was mooooons ago), basically we arrived on Christmas day (you can’t feel the celebration much here) and we were way to excited to be bothered by it too. The earlier arrangement was that we were to stay with Seema I think (Grace arranged this part) but she have unavoidable commitment that we stayed with her parents instead and the VERY SUPERBLY MARVALOUS and the HOSPITALITY was at its paramount. Can’t ask for more.
Thank you Seema!

It was kinda funny as Grace actually emailed Seema her pic so that the driver can identify her and take us to her parent’s house (which I heard that it is very close to Shah Rukh Khan’s mom house! - need to RE-varify this). He will be holding a paper with Grace’s name on it and double check with the pic Seema gave him. The thing is…. Grace have this “blonde” colored hair (you‘ll soon see her pics), how lar to miss that, even if you want to miss it on purpose also very hard wor….. Hahahhaaa…. I think I did told her this :p
We manage to locate each other, friendly chap and very helpful despite that he can’t speak any English (I think, but HELPFUL definitely!). Upon arriving at the house, uncle asked us where would we like to cover; wrong question to ask me lar… I got this book where I just open and said here, here, here, here, here….. Remembered him saying that I was well prepared (I have more surprises for him of which I think it shocked and tickled him at the same time, later post!). He advised the driver (which I failed to ask the name. Againlar), the places to take us and which route and then of we go. Didn’t cover much places as we arrive New Delhi at about 2ish (Few hours of daylight left). He took us around the city, India Gate ofcoz, parliament house and the streets nearby.

We were done with our sightseeing by 4pm, then he took us to Janpath Road; BIG MISTAKE. I almost bought the WHOLE STREET and this is a NON-shopaholic talking okay! OK! OK! OK! I MIGHT have exaggerated abit (more like a lot!) BUT really! It’s cheap… how I know?!?! I actually reccee-ed this shop called Khazanah in KL and found EXACTLY the same thing a pinch of the price ONLY! Sigh...

I learnt from my Bali trip with Grace that she don’t like additional luggage and she WOULD NOT help me to carry them (note the capital letters), THANK GOODNESS for her rule, I didn’t shop lar. And whatever I shop I make sure can fit into my luggage. Hehehee.... turning point for NO-SHOPPING during trips for me.

Hehhehee.... I remembered a joke while we were shopping, Grace being stopped by a local asking her whether is she a Tibetan…..hahahahhaaa…. She looked at the guy in amazement. I burst out laughing ofcos (SOOO LOUD!). Hence am asking her to “teman” me to Tibet this year if I ever go, I mean… she's already “local” there maa, shouldn’t be a problem lor right... MUAHHHAHAH….

By the way, all should be warned, Grace prefers her back (God of Gambler) profile (don’t ask me why!), those pic with her facing the camera are consider PRICELESS!

Hehhehehe….. Soooorry Gracie! It is the truth wor!

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manglish said...

got cirit birit or not while u were there? hehhee

trishie said...

Sounds amazing! i would love to visit india one day too.

Lily Riani said...


even the locals asked me NOT to buy EVEN the mineral water by the road.... the replaced with tap water. you've seen slumdog billionaire.... yup! its the same. but from mall or proper shop lar... NO CIRIT BIRIT.


one of the country where i would definitely go. north india only please.... cooler. :D

Shingo T said...

You have great travelling partners. And I'm sure you are a great one to them as well.

You bought the whole street????

You make it sound like the tourist street becomes an empty and deserted street after you did your shopping.

Do not underestimate the power of The Lily!

TG said...

The rules you follow in India, I followed in Malaysia, hence no cirit birit, hehehe.

Thanks for sharing another trip, Lily! Where in Europe have you been yet?

Lily Riani said...

shingo t,

i have been blessed, guess one need high tolerance level when traveling with friends :D you either break it or make it.

honestly, the stuff there are about 50-70% cheaper then those sold in malaysia. kid you not.


hemm...we smart people huh - no cirit birit. ehhehee....

i think - spain, london, france, the netherland, belgium, sweden, italy & switzerland. non EU will be quite a number too.

and you?

ColeAndJosephine said...

I have always wanted to go to India so bad! How was the Taj Mahal?

Lily Riani said...


I think you would love it there and i foresee you will be drawing away..... taj mahal is AWESOME.

Gallivanter said...

I have to make it a point to visit there soon. Was the trip to Taj, Mahal? :-P

Berlin said...

Lily Riani said...


Please do, highly recommand you to go. NO regrets whatsoever... i too wanna go visit again.

sdsfasda said...

Mmmm... Was the parents house behind that nice fence on the 3-d photo? :-))) I would like to visit such parents...

So interesting are those carpet wendors!

Lily Riani said...


nope, thats the palace i thk.

Amer said...

just made me wonder how much change were there since 2004? probably not much isn't it!

Bro Yusri said...

Kashmir antara tempat ingin di lawati di India ...mesti cantik pemandangan dia kan ..

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