Saturday, March 27, 2010

Ghost Town of Fatehpur Sikri ???

Day 5 (29 December 2004). Ewweeee..... scary!??!

HECTIC day for me but intriguing nevertheless, reason being... jeng jeng jeng... This majestic Fatehpur Sikri court took 15 years to build, but it was abandoned after only 14 years of usage due to the water supply was unable to sustain the growing population of this so called self-contain township. The only surviving building is the palace and mosque which are the major tourist attraction as well as an UNESCO World Heritage Site. YEAY to me! There’s a few things I like about this place, ofcos I can’t name it all here as either it will be tooooo boring or just boring… ahhahah….

Diwan-i-Khas - hope I get this one right since I find it hard to source for more info in the web. What I understood (do verify this) is that this place is where the emperor experts representative from different religions discuss the country’s welfare etc etc. Apparently there were 4 major religion reps ie Hindu, Muslim, Buddhist and Christianity to assemble at every corner and the emperor himself will be at the central platform/pillar thus projecting himself as the universal ruler. I thought what he tried to do to obtain peace was kinda cool back in those days.
Does it work? I guess I will never know...

Jama or Jami Masjid (mosque) - Known to be to be Jami one of the most beautiful and largest mosques of the world, not sure whether true or not though. The interesting part is that this mosque marks the phase of transition in Islamic art and architectural elements were blended with the Persian architecture. Anything that was fused will always turn out amazing just like Alhambra in Spain.

Mariam-uz-Zamani's Palace - A powerful woman of the court and used her wealth and influence to build gardens, wells, and mosques around the country. Not only that she also owned and oversaw the ships that carried pilgrims to and from the Islamic holy city Mecca. Talk about GIRL POWER! Aspiring indeed.
Panch Mahal - The moment I entered this courtyard, I was awestruck with this structure, wondering what purpose it served to people of those days. It is located close to a Harem and it kinda supports the fact that it might have been a pleasure palace. Basically for relaxation and entertainment purpose and built base on Buddhist Temple pattern. I guess that’s why it caught my attention, they have the Persian, Hindu, Muslim building at one side followed by a Buddhist inspired structure. Hemm.... 1India?

We spent half a day here before adjourning to Jaipur which also know as the Pink City.

One thing that caught my attention during the road trip to Jaipur was when we passed by this OLD lane with HISTORICAL building and AGED vehicles; our car crawled slowly upward as if going up the mountain. I swear I thought I went through a time travel adventure to the yesterday years…. Glad to manage to caught that in pics.

Again. Story of Grace…heehehee…. This one was a classic joke happened in Agra I think. The thing is that we have been eating curry and dhal for the past few days and Grace have this urge and craving to eat other food. HENCE, at the hotel, she ordered a spaghetti carbonara, I did ask her whether she is sure what she just ordered, I mean… this is not home country nor are we in Italy hence she have to lower her expectation maah...

She said that it won’t be that bad since it is in a hotel (I think it’s a 3 or 4 star hotel lar), I said fine lor.. Since she is soooo convinced. GUESS WHAT!!!?!? Her spaghetti carbonara came and we both saw curry leaves sticking out from the dish plus some other herbs as well!!! I was like “Oh no!!!! The taste gonna be weird as it has been “localized”!" True enough, after her first spoonfed, I can see her making funny faces… me? As usual… HAAHAHAHHAHOHOHOHOHOHO…..

Itu lar… siapa suruh tak dengar cakap! (Who ask you not to listen to me!)

Spaghetti Curry Carbonara, hemm.... perhaps the Italian would be interested to learn new culinary skill here, you think?

Nighty night.

Hyperlink credits : Wikipedia, Indianetzone, AgraIndia, BharatOnline


TG said...

Jami Masjid really looks huge and beautiful. How lucky you are to stand beside such historic buildings. Really great post, read it with pleasure :)

Willie a.k.a Reptoz said...

The buildings look beautiful although they have been abandoned.

manglish said...

ok i must say also they are beautiful and with so much history eh...

lechua said...

more interesting architecture! and yea the road to Jaipur photo really looks like a scene from the war period.

Lily Riani said...


thank, saw you liking macau as well :D


exactly, the myrerious filling is thrilling.


so agree.


thats the right word... war period!!!i was searching for that word fo awhile while writing it.

fufu said...

wow nice!!! i mean the architecture !!!! magnificent!! ops... i wanna go to india~~

Lily Riani said...


hehehhe... with your changgih dslr, you definitely would lvoe INDIA! GO!!!!!!!! I might want to go again too.

Anonymous said...

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