Monday, April 5, 2010


BYE-BYE Iswara... will miss you!
YEAY! Finally, gotten it 3 weeks ago.... still feel brand new but with diminishing excitement as the days go by.

ARGHHH!!!! Last week I found a TINY PAINT SMUDGE on my new car, must be the silly car parked next to mine in office car park lar... sooo DOINK wan! Who ask to open too wide & hard....sooo INCONSIDERATE! Nowadays I make sure I'll park my car at the end ie next to a wall or even an expensive car, somehow they tend to take care of their cars better.

I also noticed water marks on my front screen, THUS sending it to Toyota Service Centre this Wednesday for "medical check-up" (might as well lar as I've hit 1000km already mahh), and I will be out of car for half a day. Sigh...

Despite all this, am HAPPY nevertheless.

Ahh..... few friends asked me about my plate number as they "looking forward" to buy "lottery", I told them that my old plate "kena" few times before hence am retaining the same number. It's kinda my lucky number as it's my birthday number (3rd July - *hint hint*), my road name/number (Jalan 3) and my house number (37). How lucky can you get right?!?!

THANK YOU GOD for blessing & giving me wealth to purchase and health to drive around.

Perhaps.... road trip in Malaysia soon? Hemm......



Wenny Yap said...

Great news Lily on the new car. Wah, Toyota Vios ... upgraded dah! I'm so going to buy your car registration since you said it 'kena' a few times.

I'm also waiting for my new but downgraded car ... Proton Saga BLM ... kena support balik national car. No choice la coz my Lancer GT so under-utilised and sama saja like you, when parking ... takut scratch la, takut dented la, takut stolen la ... aiya macam-macam takut la! Cheaper car tak payah worry lor. Moreover, lebih baik jual while the value still good.

Btw, do check out my blog today. Ada something 'baik punya' for you, dear Friend.

Biqque said...

wah keta baru! if u choose white car, u mesti RAJIN basuh keta orangnyer...hehehe...

fufu said...

wow can drive me around next year... hohoho i love toyota!!! =p

manglish said...

waaaaaaaaaaa now i am wondering wat u do oredi....u travel, u buy car......wat's next? hahaahaha

MKL said...

Kereta Japun? Ah, bagus. Saya gembira :)

Lily Riani said...


wah... u sooo sporty - lancer gt somemore!!! god move to sell before depreciate even more. will check your blog this week, has been busy this weeks. glanced thru, looks exciting.


idak gak, orang kate trend skarang kete putih. i ok jek ler... yg susah nye, now lesser money to travel :( sbb tuh ler liat bebenor nak tukar kete ni...ish!


jom lar... call me when u are back!


by luck only lar... oh! i get meself a boyfriend.


haha... good! ya, kereta jepun. saya juga gembira :))

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