Monday, April 26, 2010

Business Travel is Not Real Travel

Been quiet for a while aren't I? Been sick actually, no mood to do much except reading Facebook or people's far those I've read are quite entertaining and kept me in sanity check from this annoying flu bug. ARGHH!!!!!

To make matter worst, I have to go to Hong Kong for regional marketing meeting (YUP! Business Travel), I mean... it's no fun when you are in a shopping country on a BUSINESS trip and feeling miserably SICK!!!! What the @&$%!

I didn't manage to get anything for anybody, so; don't go make puppy face and have high hope oh me friend out there. Forget about it! BUT luckily for me, UNIQLO was just next door hence manage to get sis stuff, went to Mongkok and got 2x cheapo cardigan (so that I don't feel bad for not buying anything for moi). And as usual, I bought shampoo - ie 3x 1000ml shampoosss... it's cheap there for the brand I wanted (luggage darn heaving after that man!). Other then that?..... Nothing! Nada! Nope! Zilt! Zero!

Hemm.... ANYWAY, Back to my main topic - business travel. I don't care what other people says, to me it will always remain the same - bosan. Despite business travel oversea is a joy to some people, definitely not to me lorr....
For a few obvious reason:

1. Preparation

Business - meant slide, meeting, presentation, work discussion, measurement, numbers, expectation etc etc etc and the list goes on.

Personal - meant what to wear, weather to adhere, sites to cover, shots to take, food to try, people to meet etc etc etc and your heart will be flattered.

2. Dollars

Business - ALL PAID BY COMPANY! (The fastest way to out on weight too!!!)
Personal - budget hostel, budget food, budget shopping.. BUDGET BUDGET BUDGET

3. Packing

Business - suits, suits, suits and more BLACK suits

Personal - colours, colours, colours and rainbows BEAMING.

4. Appearance
Business - full force make-up

Personal - everything goes - no make even better

5. Gadget

Business - Notebook, notepad; all to take note of

Personal - Camera, Sony PSP, iPod, Mini notebook; all for entertainment

6. Responsibility

Business - All must be captured, measurement & reported

Personal - NONE!

7. Mode

Business - Touch & Go!

Personal - Look See, Look See

So, business travel or real travel for you?


manglish said...

real travel hahahaaha....ehh btw not h1n1 hor? hahhahah take care

Biqque said...

nak hk nyer magnetttttttttttt :)

Bananazą“• said...

Oh dear hope you are getting better have more good rest drink plenty of water. Agree biz and personal trips are in total contrast. Thankz for dropping by and offering to get me the postcard & fridge magnets. Not an avid collector but won them as prizes during contest by bloggers. No worries over them thankz once again. Take care. tQ

trishie said...

Hope you get better soon!

Lily Riani said...


dont think so lar.. flu oni.


sure, memang extra pun


thanks for your thoughts. no prob, if you need, i can spare some :D


thank sweetie.

ColeAndJosephine said...

I hope your feeling better!

Is personal travel with the business budget an option?

fufu said...

wow nice!!! i miss hk very much ><

MKL said...

Never had a business travel, so I can't compare. But my gut feeling tells me you're right. I rather walk around with my DSLR and take photos than dozing off in some meeting, that doesn't interest me. At least it's for free :P

Lily Riani said...


Am seeing doc for the 2nd time. thanks for your concern...heheheh personal trip on biz budget? ehhehhe.... too expensive.


the good foood huh!


DITTO!!!!! dont mind the free part but mind the meeting part...HAHAHAH

Wenny Yap said...

Awww, so sorry to hear that flu bug came to visit you. Hope you're feeling better now.

I still remember when I fell terribly sick in HongKong ... didn't get to enjoy much but spent a bomb on aspirin!

Anyway, I don't mind business travel ... it depends on the purpose of the trip but definitely real travel's the one to go. Cheers!

Lily Riani said...


now am recovering sloooooowly.

iffatali said...

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