Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The Weird, Weirder & Weirdest stupendesthing OF moi in India‏

Day 7 (31 December 2004). TRUST ME! Am capable of doing the weirdest thing.

Few things happened in India to me (It's the whole India experience thingy lar - I guess I got the full and real deal). Almost on and of everything; either we saw something interesting, weird or silly things that we did... whatever it is - the memories (ceh wah..... ) was FANTABULOUS. Or perhaps Grace's company was what makes it happened more weirdly....haahahaha..... strangely, whenever I travel with my other traveling kaki, tak jadi pulak.... it's Grace lar - "Ma'am, Jinx? Hahhaha....."

1st Weird Story
We were in Agra Fort, us both with digital camera (Yeah! Back in those days it was a perk to have such cool gadget), you can imagine the attention we've gotten as I mentioned earlier in my 1st India entry. Sooo... we thought we saw everything already; on technology that is... NOTHING else can amaze and impress us (so we thought lar). TUT! WRONG!!!!! As I was saying, we were taking pic in front of Agra Fort and out of the blue, this local India guy came to us asking whether are we are using digital camera and is it SD card compatible, we said "Err... Yes", still wondering WHY lar...funny right question right?

Then he said "Can I borrow you camera, I want to take pic here at the entrance"
We were like "HUH?!?!?!??!"
He continued "I don't have a camera, but I have an SD card, I will use mine instead"
Us " Err....... oooo....... ahhh.... ok?!?!?"
We took out our SD card, pass the camera to him, he slot in his (at this point we half thought he gonna run away with our camera lar (I mean we wouldn't know what to expect maaah.... - human nature!! Full of ill thoughts!). He snap a few pics and return us the camera. We stared in amazement (ofcozzz!!!), he left us and walk in to the fort, we???? BURST OUT LAUGHING! Like that oso can wan ah....!!!! HAHAHHHAHAHAA...... apa-apa laar....

2nd Weirder Story Morry
As the driver was driving (what else is he suppose to do lar kan), suddenly I SCREAM OUT STOPPPPP!!!! He slam the break (Luckily no car at the back - PHEW!), turn around and asked "WHY? WHAT HAPPEN?".... I said "HP Club" signage on petrol station. I thought it's kinda cute & farrrrnieee (panicked the old driver ofcos - sure bengang punya). I got down and took a pic to show my colleagues that HP ie Hewlett-Packard (where I work) have a petrol station in INDIA (Yeah! For a moment they believed me - FOR A VERY BRIEF MOMENT).
But the driver wouldn't understanding maaah.... right? Hence.... while he was driving, we bumped into another petrol station (NON-HP) and asked whether we want to get down to take some pics, and he asked again for the next one and the next one and the next one - thinking we are into taking pics of petrol station probably. We have difficulty explaining to him ONLY that particular petrol station as it sounded like our company name. He said "oooohhhh... wokey!", seriously doubt he understood us, he probably thinks we weird loh... HAHAHHAHAAA.... but we did laugh every time he stop lar. I ofcos (as usual) got scolding and "chatt" by Grace of my silliness. Heheehhee..... Am Grace's entertainment source.

3rd Weirdest Story Morry Glory

Gosh!!! This is the ultimate weirdest and STUPENDEST thing I did (YET AGAIN! I seriously think the old driver could have gotten a heart attack just by driving me around). We passed by a field of yellow flowers, a really serene beautiful sight... BREATHTAKING. And YES! I again shouted STOP! lar.... not just because it is beautiful but because it is exactly like the scene in my ABSOLUTELY FAVOURITE SHAH RUKH KHAN/KAJOL movie.... Sigh.... a romantic comedy genre (I LOIKE!). Again old driver CONFUSE, hahhahahaha..... poor thing lar. I ran out and insisted Grace took pics of me. Grace asked whether I want to run around the field with my "flowy shawl", I said NO!!!! That would be tooo embarassing (Yeah right!!!). The driver told us that it is mustard field... hemm.... ofcos my camera didn't do it justice lar hence I put my darling SRK & Kajol pic instead.

Oh Yah! The movie? Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge or The Big Hearted Will Take the Bride.
The movie remains the longest running film in the history of Indian cinema. In February 2010, the film set a record by completing 750 weeks of continuous play in Mumbai theatres. On October 20th, 2009 the movie completed 15 years of non-stop running. *Proud moment = perasan moment*

We reached New Delhi around 5ish... stop by to do some shopping before heading to uncle's house...

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manglish said...

hahahah i like tat guy maybe he cant afford a digicam but only the SD card then hor he go borrow other ppl punya camera like right? so creative hahahaahahah

fufu said...

wow so much fun la your indian trip... and ahahhaah ages i havent seen any bollywood movie or series! used to watch how the people dance and cry when i was a kid... lol

Lily Riani said...


i know!!!! sooo darn creative right! if there's a will, there's a way! way to go INDIA!


love this india trip... everything we took with a pinch of salt hence it's not stressful. me too... need to dig my old SRK movie.... sooo love this movie - go watch lar... MUST!

sdsfasda said...

As for me, the most weired was that market. I would like to be there with you, touch everything,try everything...

TG said...

OMG, Lily! I shall never drive you around anywhere. You'r stop shouts are dangerous and pretty random, haha. But the stories are funny, especially the second one, hehe. I guess I'd also stop at every petrol station and ask you, if you wanna take pics, hehe :P

trishie said...

haha, the story about the HP petrol station just made me giggle!

Shingo T said...

It's hard for drivers to earn money these days, isn't it?

2 gals on an outing = lots of fun and laughters.

Blair McLeod said...

okay..i need to go to india!

p.s. I have a double giveaway I think you might like!

Lily Riani said...


i thought you would say that :D it is pretty interesting.


yeah lor... i didnt realise it confused other people till then....ahhahah....


i know... the driver kept turning and asking us, "stop here?"

shingo t,

ahhahaha..... i think he absolutely love us and our quirkinesss... but i guess you are right in a way...ehehhe

wild & precious,

do go. will check out you blog, and thanks for dropping by.

Amer said...

sounds awesome!

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