Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Watery Wednesday | Amsterdam Boat House Stay

My very first experience
Of being daringly impromptu
Tired. stress and of cause tense
Arriving Amsterdam, just us two
No booking nor research
Just hoping our lucks emerge

My worst fear came true
NO rooms nor hotels for us two
Why oh why! We ask anywho
Apparently answered you
Football match between the big two
Of The Netherland
vs. Old England

To our luck, thank goodness!
Offered the beautiful goddess
Boat house we can stay
"Cheap, clean and authentic "she say
Kiasu we are, us Asian girls
To experience both we certainly may
1 nights 2 days
So we stay

So, bloggers dear
My poem ends here
Between both the pictures
Which boat do you prefer?


PS : We stayed in both *wink*


drollgirl said...

ack! i am SO GLAD you find somewhere to stay on such short notice!

Emm said...

We walked down Regents Canal the other day and were just saying how much we'd love to stay in a house boat!! I'm definitely keen to give it a try.

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