Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy Bird Day To Me!

As usual, kid you not! I forgotten my bird day, unintentionally ofcause. Obviously am not big on bird day, whole family the same. But I will definitely plan something for baby sis.... since she's the youngest and most pampered lot.

Anna reminded me and asked what was my plan on Sunday, I told her the usual, clean house, run errands and nap. She was like "aren't you celebrating your birthday?"... Hemm..... ok, dinner would be great I suppose. Hehheheh.... *jual mahal pulak*

So, Anna took me to this place in Jaya 1 called Brisik, an Indonesia cuisine, the taste - YUMMY! She order Nasi Tembel, Nasi Brisik, Satay Serai etc etc etc

And my favourite - Tauhu Telur (Tofu Egg)... hehehhe..... oh! By the way, Pei Leh joined the dinner for us to 'asked' him a bunch of question on his trip to Chengdu and Tibet (or almost Tibet - bordering country/city).

This is what Pei Leh ordered but apparently Ole Ole Bali tasted nicer.... I thought it was ok but then again, we all know Pei Leh don't we. Hahahhah.... he will kill me if he reads this post :p

Then, Anna remembered she brought a cupcake (supposedly my bird day cake) in her handbag. SURPRISE!!!! ehhehe.... the cakes was delicious, just that we were so famished with the food Anna ordered.

Oh yah! What else is new, except that I bought meself a bunch of shoes just weeks before. Claiming that am lacking of them. Yeah right! LILY! Girls and shoes, ehhehhe... *wink wink* right GURLS!!!

My favourite now is the brown shoe, LOVE the bow. Righto!

Found a time to repaired my heels as well, very proud and productive weekend. This obviously rarely happen.

Let's see... I spent my Saturday hunting for Samantha's pressie, I had this hairband in mind but I couldn't find it after searching at 4 malls. Perhaps I should just create one myself, ehhehe.... anyway; I managed to get a beauty at Bonita shop in Sg. Wang. YEAY!!!!! And it's pink, just how Sam would love it; by the way, Sam is 7 years old (my colleague's dauther), in case you guys are wondering. Hahhaha... My friends come in all ages and races, very very Malaysian we are.

Check out the hair clips, CUTE RIGHT!!!! Any little gurl would LOVE it RIGHT!!!!! So cute that I got one meself! My very own bird day gifts.

And this set, is for little LILY, cute too. Muahhahah..... and little Lily is 5 years old.

And my pressie, toiletries set and Harrods something, not sure how to describe it. But love it the same.

Thanks all for the gifts and wishes. Love ya'ouls!


Rob and Mandy said...

Well, that looks like a very full day, with yummy food, presents, the works! Happy birthday from Spain, feliz cumpleano!

HolyFire said...

The food looks so good!!! 0_0 Happy Birthday!

eugene said...

and you really bought yourself bunches of shoes haha, anyway Happy Birthday,albeit a late one,, again, good health and happiness always ya

Biqque said...

happy bday travel-goddess! hahaha!

BlueEwoke said...

happy bird day lily...heheh..omg..those hair clips nampak comei sgt, mebi should get 1 or 2 for Aqilah hehehe..

Bananazą®‡ said...

Happy Hari Burung? How does that sound? hahaha. Many Happy Returns of the Day.

AKO @ retna said...

happy burfday sis ;)

Martina said...

A belated Happy Birthday Lily! Shoes, food - all looks good. All the best wishes for more adventures! xx

AKO @ retna said...


i ike the shoes....
cantek2 n sweet la patern dia ;-)

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