Sunday, July 17, 2011

I Burnt My Tummy

Have you guys heard of Fire Therapy?
I bet most haven't, RIGHT?

Unless you are from China. The next thing you will be wondering why on earth would you want to burn yourself and go thru the pain (my thought exactly initially!)... But after I tried, hemmm.... it kinda feel nice, REALLY! SERIOUSLY!

I did some research, and found out that it have another name ie Fire Dragon Therapy, and apparent it is an ancient form of heat therapy. This therapy is originally from Tibet. The term is derived from "Moxibustion", but it is much more advanced and powerful than "Moxibustion".

Basically, base from my experience. They do a simple& light massage on your yummy area, trying to circulate your blood I guess. Then, they will put this herbs paste on your tummy area ad this supposedly will react when the set your tummy "on fire". Hehheheh....

In the website on fire dragon therapy, it helps to cure the following disorders: Indigestion, low metabolism, low temperature, melancholy, pain caused by stress and tension, insomnia, anxiety, fear, panic attacks, stomach distension, vertigo, hiatus hernia, benign tumors, cold bile disease, joint pains, arthritis, bone deformation, joint inflammation, superficial fever (empty fever), post-menopause syndrome and nerve inflammation (sciatic nerve, neurological disorders, etc.). In short, fire dragon therapy is good for diseases which manifest from phlegm and wind humoral disorders.

the will avoid the belling button area, I should ask them why in my next round... hemmm.... I assume it's where you "wind/gas" will 'come out' lar...

The next step is putting a plastic wrap over the herbs.

After that, they wet few towels and put its circling the herbs area like the pic shown above. This is that the other area won't catch fire I guess.

Them the last step is putting 3 layers of wet towels on tops of each other. They spray spirit or something before the 'set me on fire'.

Normally they use lighter, but because I was taking pics, hence they thought to add the drama. So, the real thing not this big a fire lar... ehehehhehe.... don't get panic yah!

There it is, am ON FIRE! I AM HOT, as it HOT!!! *wink wink*

Do you dare to try this?

Hyperlink credits : Chinese Energy Therapy


George said...

This is the first I've heard of this therapy. While I hope it worked for you, I'm not sure I'm ready to try it myself. But from my time in China I know that many of their traditional remedies do work.

Wenny said...

No thanks Yang! I wouldn't dare try ... still the believer of modern med and I guess I'm the typical 'kiasi' person!

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