Sunday, August 7, 2011

My Egyptian Trail 2002

I visited Egypt in 2002 hence this entry is looooong over due. In fact, it wasn't a planned trip, you see.... I have this relative of mine base in Seremban whom have a travel agency called Proxima. Knowing my passion for traveling, she called me one fine day to inform me that she got an info from a travel agent friend of an Egypt package available.

It was a 6D4N full board trip that cost me RM1,600 ie USD520!!! YUP!!!! We were booked into a 3 star hotel near the Giza but I don't mind as I always feel that travelers spends the daylight hour outside and the hotel is for changing and resting ONLY.

It was a worthwhile trip as it took us to Cairo/Kaherah and Alexandria/Iskandariah.... well... I ain't complaining for the amount I am paying. We checked-in the hotel on the day we arrived and the next day we zoomed to Alexandria.

It was an interesting journey from the beginning cause I decided to book the trip 2 weeks before departure. Then upon feeling the ground of Egypt - was overwhelming to describe the least, not to forget the journey to Alexandria.... breathtaking.

I took this pic during the 2-3 hours journey from Cairo to Alexandria; I was very unique, I couldn't understand why the table set was arranged in this manner so far apart from each other but hey.... it look good in the pics mah.

El-Mursi Abul-Abbas Mosque is a famous mosque in Alexandria, Egypt. It is dedicated to the 13th century Alexandrine Sufi saint el-Mursi Abul Abbas whose tomb it contains. Here's the best part, I walked pass these kids outside the mosque; one thing I noticed which was very very VERY HEALTHY is that they are very friendly. Very chatty in fact, I too was wondering why; well..... I managed to find the answer - they wanted to polish their English. Impressive huh!

One must visit this place, it took my breath away in every way. 1st was the Royal Library of Alexandria, or Ancient Library of Alexandria, in Alexandria, Egypt, was the largest and most significant great library of the ancient world. and where it is located, I too would go to library every single day.

Why I say this, the library is situated facing Mediterranean Sea... you have to see it to feel it. Just promise me you guys go and see this for yourselves.

And we have the BESTEST tour guide ever, apparently he studied in an International School hence he have this American accent, yeay to us! Superbly friendly and knowledgeable, reason being he took a degree in Egyptology, I mean.... I didn't even know such course is available. And he told us that Egypt history goes as way back as 7000 years. NO ways he can cover within 4-5 days. He even reads Egyptian hieroglyphs. Fascinating huh!

Where we had our lunch? Facing the Mediterranean Sea... how cool is that huh!

Remember I said how friendly they are.... there you go.

Hyperlink credit : Wikipedia


kemang~ said...

lame dah ye sis pegi ni jgn hrp la nak pi jauh2, karang jd pengemis pulak kat sane.. ekekeke :)

Bananazą®‡ said...

You forgot the title "Walk Like an Egyptian?" haha. Shukran.

Sandy said...

What an interesting trip you took. Loved the pictures. The blue you, I wonder?

by.ya @ Traveller's Anatomy said...

i would go too if i were u considering the tour package price :)
I always wanted to see Egypt for their pyramids and all. But I envy u for Greece babe!

BlueEwoke said...

Satu lagi destinasi yg i dah riki lama dah, tapi tak sampai2 lagi..hehehe..

Lily Riani said...


now am able to reply, reason being am back to country role and can do what i love most, fb-ing, blogging and traveling. i will strat to komen mengomen all your blogs *wink*


start kecik kecik dulu...cover AP... then jauh sikit, lama2 sebenua!


hahahaha... wait till you see my next post!


it was a great trip, i TOO love the blue tables... *wink*

Lily Riani said...


memang durian runtuh, else i pun tak merasa... teruja tak tau nak kata.


i gi 5d3n jek, i plan next time ambek yg 10day nye, sampai luxor via cruise... jom ler.... *sambil mengapi api kan*

Diana Diane Teo said...

RM1,600 for 6D4N!! Cheap and worth it. How I wish I have a friend or relative who work in travel agency and always inform me regarding cheap packages.

I agree with you regarding the condition of the accommodation. For me, I will try to save my budget on my accommodation because most of the time spend at outside but most importantly make sure the place that gonna stay is clean and safe.

George said...

I'm glad you were able to make this trip and get these wonderful pictures for us. I found friendly people in China who were also eager to polish their English.

Irene said...

Great shots ... thanks for sharing!


J_on_tour@jayzspaze said...

Nice pictures. Hey, I want to find a course that I can learn about Egypt and speak with an American accent ...two for the price of one !

Lily Riani said...


agree totally, those who like to stay at posh hotel are tourist not travelers huh *wink*.


I bet you will love it there.... i hope you will reach there and blog about it :)


thanks for stopping by.


good one yet AGAIN. i will be the first to book you...ahhaah... discount please.

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