Thursday, September 6, 2012

Interesting Things To See In Phnom Penh

I didn't get much opportunities to do any sightseeing on buildings (only them UNESCO sites) or parks or even take a nice walk by the river, however; I did manage to take pics of what I see along the drive, during the visit to the orphanage and etc.

Do bare in mind that they have more to offer and I do hope I have a chance to revisit this beautiful city with it's warm hospitality again....real soon. Meanwhile, hope you enjoy my rides (pics *wink*).

Cambodia Post Office in Phnom Penh.

MUST TAKE NOTE. You can only get stamps from here (couldn't get any from my 3 star hotel), it was tough for me as the post office wasn't part of the places to visit in the itinerary. But since I wanted stamps badly for my postcards, the agent was nice enough to drop by. Lucky me, the building was awesome and I manage to snap a few pics. Yeay!

Cambodia version of tuk-tuk, if you notice; almost every country in Asia have their own version :)
And oh! You can also tell whether the owner/driver is a Muslim or not. Cool huh.

Banana fritters-work in progress at the local village next to the orphanage home that we visited. If you see them, try them. A MUST! YUMMEH baby!

Steam errrr.... a type of shellfish, help!!!! I don't know what is is called. Wait, is it siput sedut or Balitong? Help!!!!!

At the Muslim orphanage. Manage by the tour guide and his family - noble huh.

Saw the election party doing their rounds.

My favourite!!! They sell cakes and dessert and ICE CREAM, more outlet in Siem Reap I think, near the old market. Do visit and give it a try.

The palace (hope I got it right) from afaaaaaaar.

KFC is HALAL, owned by a Malaysian apparently (please double check the fact on the ownership though), sharing some of the menu option available and obviously the price (in USD tuh).

The hotel we stayed have a HALAL restaurant, the owner have another franchise in Siem Reap that you can visit. This was taken during the last night with Duta Malaysia.

Workers hard at work, safety measure?

Another HALAL restaurant near the area.... YUMMEH! Love the sambal belacan. Hhehehehehe

This is the Muslim tour guide and his wife that helped us find the orphanage homes and arrange the logisic/transportation during the Kembara Prihatin. I will share and update his contact as soon as I locate the business card.


Zara AB said...

I've tried Blue Pumpkin in Siem Reap. You can find a few outlets near to Pub Street. Dekat-dekat plak tue. Love the cafe arrangement. Cool giler!

Danny / John said...

thanks for the postcard!

gloomy weather i guess overthere in this post. didnt like it much.

Diana Diane Teo said...

The building is awesome but your photo more awesome. Until now, I still want puji all your photos. Really cantek dari semua sudut. Must learn from u how to take a good photography skill. I will try the Blue Pumpkin in manage to visit Cambodia someday.

Lily Riani said...


love the cakes there too, i think they serve macaroon. and i totally agree on the decor... white and clean huh!


no problem on the post card, selamat hari raya, maaf zahir batin. cant remember whether i wished you earlier (somehow i thought i did...hemm..)

the weather was gloomy then, its coming to rainy season apparently. however we were lucky that during the charity activities, it was clear blue sky. god bless.


thanks dearie, appreciate your kind compliments always. the blue pumpkin a must try. not to say its superbly great but kinda good lar.

BlueEwoke said...

Wow sambal belancan in Phnom Pehn and halal kfc..confirmed Cawan suka the way, mana pakcik & makcik yg nk belanja u tiket 3dollar tu?? kekekekek

Lily Riani said...


Pakcik & Makcik dah serah kan I kat my aunt ehheheh... by the way, both them is from iPoh Perak, Pakcik tuh ex-army but sumpah fatherly. Teringat arwah ayah i.

gi ler cari dia, diarang ada anak lelaki... kot sesuai for aqilah.

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