Friday, September 14, 2012

Hard Rock Cafe T-Shirt Collection

I took these pictures ages ago, well at least 2 years ago but somehow never got around to upload and blog about it.

Here is me sharing my collection (not all are new mind you) of HRC shirts, some is so worn out that I have to part with it :(

Right at the end of this entry I will share 2 links for you to track on new upcoming design as well as new outlets around the world.  

 Below are the 2 fantastic sites.

You can check which outlet is new, old, closed, reopen etc etc. I frequent this site before every trip.

This is my alternative site, there was another site that I use to visit but somehow somehow....

Anyway, click HERE for the link. it will shows all the country design for avid collectors.


Diana Diane Teo said...

Gosh! Your collections are a lot!! I never collect anything from HR before cause I always missed out HR outlet even in Bali. Tiada jodoh 1.

f i d a j a c o b said...

Hehehe i takde t shirt Hard Rock. Entahla tak terbeli kalau untuk sendiri. But i always beli untuk my brothers. hehehe... sebab all the tshirt tu semua short sleeve i tak tau camne nak pakai keluar. hahhaha...

but then, i collect the glass kecik tu.. :)

Jard The Great said...

soon babeh! soon!

baru 4 pasang. lol! =p

thanks for the links btw! really helped!

R.a.W | Ramble and Wander said...

I used to collect HRC tshirts back in the 90s. These days, I don't really do it anymore but my youngest brother still does. So whenever and wherever I travel, he would ask me to get an HRC tshirt for him. And whenever I buy one for him, I'll buy one for my younger brother.

And because I think it's not fair that they all get one HRC tshirt each, I'll end up buying one for myself too :-) The problem that I have with HRC tshirts (for men's, at least) are that most of the designs are the same apart from the city editions. But I prefer not to have too many white tshirts.

BTW looking at your tshirt collection, I think apart from UNESCO World Heritage sites list, you probably should list down all the HRCs/HRHs that you've been to ;-)

~Beb~ said...

Yeay! Ade kawan. But urs memang dah keliling dunia.. I baru negara2 jiran. And memang slowly collect 1 by 1 :)

Geram tgk ur collection yang jauh2.

And thanks share link tuh.

BlueEwoke said...

wahh byk nye, too bad i'm not a collector hehehe so tak leh nk jeles, kalau tak mesti i dh pukul2 u kekekek

Lily Riani said...


its hard to miss bali hrc cos its in kuta. ehheheh.... you can start with HK i guess.


i collect shortglass gak. shirt tuh slalu i tgk orang pakai ngan baju lengan panjang kat belah dalam. anyways, i beli sbb i mmg tak ada t-shirt. i beli hrc and pakai like normal shirt, some ppl frame it (drama ler pulak).

Lily Riani said...


if i visit anywhere, i inform2 you all.


"use to collect in the 90s", you make it sound so long ago. ehhehe.... like in totally diff circa.
wondering, the trip back home must be with super huge luggage as 2 shirts each ctry multiply by few countries... (faint).

regretted not wanting the ireland ctry shirt, coz the logo in front is the clover leave instead of the normal classic logo. sigh....

Lily Riani said...


hi5!!!! most of my shirt are of ctry i personally visited, very few i kirim (unless nak fresh design [to the ctry i visited lar]). tak pa, kite start sikit sikit dolu yek hehehhe.... :)


ameen, you bukan jenis jeles, masa buat entry nih, terpikir gak; akan kah na akan jeles. alhamdullillah tidak.

Vincent said...

Wow...awesome collection, Lily.

I'm also into collecting HRC items but mainly GH or BO.

If you happen to travel to other HRC places, let me know ya.

I can get some items for you, from Penang, KL, Melaka and soon from KK.

If I travel, I can get from Bangkok, Pattaya, Bali and Jakarta.


Anonymous said...

ade x sape2 nk jual tshirt HRC hongkong for bkn 2nd..ataw pon ade x sape2 yang nk g hong kong..nk kirim...bley email

Lily Riani said...


i sllau gi obersi but HK belum nak repeat :)

Ivan Chan said...

#TeamHRCPins :)

هيو كيم said...

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